Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Why Dont We Increase The Stakes

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In the end, she could only leave, dejected.

Lin Wanwan met her gaze and gave her a smile very appropriately.

Luo Nanxi couldnt hold back her feelings of shame. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "Go ahead and mock me. I do want to see how much better you are than me!"

It was Luo Han and Teacher Zhaos turn next.

These two men were considered experts in the archery world. It was a pity that the defending champion Feng Xiaowei arranged was equally formidable. After a dozen rounds, they could only get a tie-breaking ending.

Lin Wanwan gave a tsk. It was not easy to earn this Feng Xiaoweis donation money.

Finally, it was Lin Wanwans turn.

She picked a purplish-red bow and tried the strength of the bowstring.

Whisperings could be heard onstage.

"This Ms. Lin could actually pull the bowstring fully and is stronger than Luo Nanxi. But how will her archery skills be?"

"It would be strange if a woman with thin arms and legs can hit the target. Im now doubting if Feng Xiaowei really means to do charity. The events about to end, but these four people havent obtained a point yet."

"Shush, not so loud!"

Lu Zhanbei and the rest heard these discussions as well.

Feng Xiaowei smiled lightly and admitted her mistake generously. "I havent considered this well. However, its ok. Regardless of the result, Ill donate 10 million dollars to charity. Its just that I still hope Ms. Lin can exceed this figure so that I can fork out more for charity."

Shen Zhiyi touched her chin. These words were so pretentious.

Feng Xiaowei sighed and looked at Lu Zhanbei. Her tone was apologetic as she said, "CEO Lu, I forgot that Ms. Lin is not gifted in this aspect. I dont want her to not be able to step down from the stage. We can end this event ahead of time."

The meaning in her words was very clear.

Lin Wanwans performance must be very terrible and she was destined to embarrass herself.

Shen Zhiyi laughed coldly. However, if the competition were to stop now, Lin Wanwan would only fall into a more embarrassing situation.

By then

An actor who had lost completely and an almighty and superior international daughter from a prestigious family who was highly supportive of philanthropy. It was clear at a glance who stood higher.

So it turned out that Feng Xiaowei was trying to play the trick of making her pale in comparison to her.

Tang Chen also saw through this womans thoughts. His eyes turned cold, and he was about to say something when Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly.

"Since this is a game, why dont we increase the stakes? If Lin Wanwan gains a point, youll increase the charity amount to one million US dollars. The opposite stays true and Ill donate on her behalf. No upper limit."

Feng Xiaoweis eyes froze. The hands by her side subconsciously pinched the corner of her clothes.

"CEO Lu believes in Ms. Lin so much? Pardon my bluntness, but youre a little too blind to place such trust in her."

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan, who was doing warm-up exercises not too far away. The curvature of his lips deepened. "Its just a small amount of money. Ill let her lose and play."

Shen Zhiyi rolled her eyes. Tang Chen looked unhappy and said, "Lu Zhanbei, can you not snatch my lines away?"

Feng Xiaowei displayed a smile. "Ok, I agree to CEO Lus proposal."

The archer she had arranged was a professional player who had won major awards before.

Even if Lin Wanwan had been training for the past few days, or if she had been hiding her inadequacies previously, she couldnt possibly stand a chance of winning.

Finally, the competition started.

The archer released the first arrow. It hit the center nearest to the target.

Lin Wanwan pulled the bow, aimed at the target, then released her hand.


The arrow that was shot out directly flew past the arrow left behind by the archer and was firmly nailed to the center of the target!

This scene shocked a group of people.

Not only did Luo Nanxis eyes widen in shock, but there was a commotion on the guest seats as well.

The smile on Feng Xiaoweis face froze for a moment. "It looks like Ms. Lin was deliberately teasing me back then."

Lu Zhanbei didnt change his expression. "Yes, she loves to tease others."