Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Sorry I Have Played Enough

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Shen Zhiyi swept her gaze over Feng Xiaoweis face, which was turning green. She smiled unkindly.

The competition continued. After a few rounds, they were still equally matched.

Lin Wanwan felt irritated. She waved her hands. "Push the target back by another 20 meters!"

The current distance was 100 meters.

The archer pulled the bow once again. This time, he finally shot it sideways and didnt hit the red center.

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes, and the direction of the arrow moved bit by bit.

The atmosphere was a little tense on stage. Everyone was staring at her movements.


Under everyones watchful gaze, the arrow flew out. Accompanied by a slight noise, the arrow was nailed on to the center, which was 100 meters away. The tail of the arrow didnt shake at all, and it could be seen how stable this arrow was.

She had won a point!


The reporters who were filming not too far away could not help but cheer. "Lin Wanwan won!"

On the stage, Feng Xiaoweis pupils shrank fiercely. A trace of disbelief could be seen on her plain eyebrows.

How could Lin Wanawns archery skills be so outstanding?

As Shen Zhiyi applauded, she gave her a side glance. "Dont be too surprised. The moment when well witness a miracle has yet to come. Dont worry. Wanwan would definitely not make you lose face."

The ridicule in those last few words was obvious.

Feng Xiaowei thought of the words she said previously and her face changed slightly. This was the first time in her life she was hit in the face.

Perhaps it was just sheer luck for Lin Wanwan this time around.

However, very quickly, Feng Xiaowei was hit in the face again.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. A few arrows shot out again. All of them hit the red center without any exception.

In the end, Lin Wanwan wanted to teach Feng Xiaowei how being boastful really was. She shot out two arrows together at once.

They were a hit!

"Whos tabulating the score? How many points has Ms. Lin obtained?"

"Its already fifteen points. That is to say, Ms. Feng is donating fifteen million US dollars. This Lin Wanwan. One really cant judge a book by its cover. I acknowledge her skills!"

That was right. Lin Wanwan knew that Ms. Feng didnt have good intentions. Indeed, she had practiced for a long time in advance.

There wasnt any techniques for archery. One had to be sharp-eyed, quick-handed, and control his or her strength well.

Lin Wanwan was very accurate in her shooting skills to begin with. Her eyesight was good as well. After adapting the gun to a bow, the conditions of feel, strength, and vision were satisfied. After much practice, she could naturally shoot and not miss.

"Eighteen points now!"

"Twenty points!"

Following the release of Lin Wanwans hand, arrows flew out one after another and accurately hit the red center.

The expression on Feng Xiaoweis face turned worse. She could barely maintain her usual casualness.

One point was one million US dollars. Twenty points

Even if Feng Xiaowei wasnt lacking money, this wasnt a small sum anymore.

Furthermore, Lin Wanwan was still continuing her mad behavior of boastfulness.

Just when she was about to obtain the 23rd point, Si Han, who was by the side watching the drama, walked over slowly. He quickly reached out and grabbed the arrow that was about to leave the bow.

"Forget it. Lets stop here."

"Why? We havent even reached half an hour of competition time."

Si Han looked distressed and "whispered" to her in a voice everyone could hear.

"Im afraid if you continue to win, the brand, dream, will go into bankruptcy. Dont go too extreme. You are still going to be friends with Ms. Feng in the future."


It was not known who chuckled, but this laugh was full of ridicule.

"Youre right."

Lin Wanwan strongly felt this way too. She put down her bow and walked slowly to the pavilion. She gave a lopsided grin to Feng Xiaowei.

"Im sorry, Sister Feng. I have played enough. Lets do this. I dont want the spare change. Just count it as twenty points for me."