Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 766

Chapter 766 What A Tragedy

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Tang Chen gave a tsk. "How generous. I admire your exemplary conduct and nobility of character."

Lin Wanwan flipped her hair "shyly."

Shen Zhiyi tried her best not to smile and said in all seriousness, "Feng Xiaowei, I have seen you wrongly. I always thought you were quite hypocritical in the past. I didnt expect you to be really so enthusiastic. Its twenty million US dollars, eh. Youre actually donating this amount of money without blinking. I give you a like!"

The others couldnt distinguish the anger beneath Feng Xiaoweis calm expression. They immediately nodded and said, "Ms. Feng is indeed a philanthropist whos passionate about doing charity."

"As the mayor, I am grateful to Ms. Feng for her help to the children in mountainous areas."

As Feng Xiaowei listened to these compliments, anger surged in her heart instantly.

Even if her disguising skills were of professional proficiency, she couldnt hide the layer of chill in her eyes.

However, she wasnt someone ordinary.

"Im very pleased that Ms. Lin could achieve such outstanding results so that I can do more for charity. I mean what I say. I will definitely donate twenty million US dollars. Since the activity has already ended, everyone, please wait for a moment. We will proceed with the dinner banquet after I say a few words."

She threw a look at the butler.

The butler walked to the crowd of reporters and signaled them that they could start the interview now.

The reporters rushed forward. Feng Xiaowei was still in the process of putting on a formulaic smile when she saw the reporters turning away and surrounding Lin Wanwan instead.

"Wanwan, where did you learn such excellent archery skills?"

"Wanwan, you have raised twenty million US dollars for the children in mountainous areas. What do you have to say?"

All the reporters surrounded Lin Wanwan and asked her questions like a cannon. The guest seats were quiet throughout.

Feng Xiaowei, who had stood up and was prepared to give her concluding remarks, stood frozen to the ground. She felt as if she was given a slap. The expressions on her face kept changing, and it was simply exciting.

Shen Zhiyi shook her head. "I feel embarrassed for her."

Tang Chen gloated and said, "What a tragedy."

Feng Xiaowei could feel their pitying gazes. Even if her expression was cold and quiet on the surface, she still felt humiliation in her heart.

She was Feng Xiaowei, the CEO of an international organization, the daughter of a distinguished count, and the world-renowned daughter from a prestigious family!

She didnt need anyone to pity her!

She was obviously the one who initiated this activity. Why was it that the most-watched person now became Lin Wanwan?

She initially wanted to use this activity to teach Lin Wanwan a lesson and let everyone understand the difference between an actress and a daughter from a prestigious family.

In the end she had suffered a double loss!

Lin Wanwan finished handling the reporters and returned to the guest seats. She sensed the strange atmosphere and could not help but blink.

"Such an activity is fun and meaningful. If Sister Feng organizes this in the future again, remember to invite me."

Feng Xiaoweis eyes turned dark, and she nearly couldnt maintain the smile on her face.


She tried her best to respond as if nothing happened. She changed the topic very quickly. "Ive prepared the dinner banquet. Please rest for a while. We can have our meal soon."

Under the leadership of the female servants, everyone moved into the main hall.

Feng Xiaowei took a deep breath and was about to walk over to Lu Zhanbei when he held Lin Wanwans hand.

"Are you having fun?"

"Still alright. How was my performance just now? How many points would you give me?"

"Five points."

"So low?" Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied.

The disdain in Lu Zhanbeis eyes was about to overflow. "Youre too slow. My minimum expectation was for you to shoot fifty arrows within half an hour. You only completed half of it. Thats very handicapped."