Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Yes I Wish For Them To Break Up Soon

Chapter 767: Yes, I Wish for Them to Break Up Soon
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Night arrived as scheduled. Guests entered one after another, clad in glamorous outfits.

Tonight, Feng Xiaoweis outfit was very eye-catching. She wore a pale gold royal dress, displaying her distinguished identity.

Her black hair was arranged into a noble and elegant hairstyle. Extravagant, colored jewelry dotted her ears, neck, and wrists. Coupled with that inviolable cold arrogance, the image was enough for her to bluff people.

She took turns to greet the guests. Every move was graceful and elegant, and a trace of flaw couldnt be detected.

Lin Wanwan was not interested in expanding her network. She focused on eating.

After the rounds of small talk, someone slipped into the dance floor and started dancing.

Feng Xiaowei approached Lu Zhanbei and stood before him. Her expression was so plain that nobody would have suspected she was interested in Lu Zhanbei.

"CEO Lu, care for a dance?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "I already have a female companion, sorry."

Feng Xiaowei didnt look disappointed at all. "Thats fine. As CEO Lus secretary, Im willing to play a piece for you to liven things up."

When Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan slipped into the dance floor, Feng Xiaowei sat at the piano and her slender fingers landed on the black and white keys.

Beautiful music sounded after. As Lin Wanwan listened to it, she complemented Lu Zhanbeis dance moves.

As she listened, she felt something was amiss.

Why was it that the melody was so sad?

Shen Zhiyi, who was on the sofa sipping wine, looked toward Tang Chen, who was next to her. "Peach-shaped eyes, do you know what the title of this song is?"

"No idea." Tang Chen wasnt very interested in the piano.

"Its a relatively unpopular song that also tests ones playing skills. The translated title is called Most Tears from a Farewell. Its very suitable for couples who are breaking up."

Tang Chen gave a tsk. "Thats pretty suitable for Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan."

Yes, I wish for them to break up soon.

As Feng Xiaowei had personally played a song, a lot of guests gave her face and slipped into the dance floor. As they danced, they complimented her piano skills.

The song ended.

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei had just left the dance floor when Feng Xiaowei greeted them. "Ms. Lin, are you willing to play a song for me?"

Lin Wanwan blinked. "But I play very badly and Ill pollute everyones hearing."

Feng Xiaowei gave an appropriate smile. "Ms. Lins being humble again. Didnt you say before you arent good at archery? In the end, you gave me such a rude shock. Stop teasing me."

These words hid a needle among the cotton.

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Believe me, Im definitely not teasing you this time around."

Seeing that she was rejected by her repeatedly, the temperature in Feng Xiaoweis eyes gradually became colder.

"Is Ms. Lin not willing to give me face?"

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei looked at her. He had his usual calm and restrained look. However, the threat beneath it was faintly visible.

Feng Xiaoweis heart tightened. She sensed that she had been too agitated in her words as well and was about to say something.

Lin Wanwan had already smiled. "If Ms. Feng insists, I can only make a fool out of myself."

"Please. Ill appreciate it quietly."

Everyone who witnessed this scene was prepared to watch the excitement.

Lin Wanwan sat in front of the white piano and her finger tapped a key at random.

As a man-eating, night-blooming cereus, she didnt have much interest in such an elegant hobby. However, it didnt hurt to have more skills. in order not to embarrass herself on some occasions, she had also learned a little violin and piano. It was just that she wasnt proficient in them.

After choosing a happy love song, Lin Wanwan started to play slowly.

Although the tune was moving, those who had the basic skills could tell that regardless of the song difficulty or playing skills, Lin Wanwan couldnt compare to Feng Xiaowei.