Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Playing A Piece With Four Hands

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"Shes much worse than Ms. Feng."

"Dont be too harsh. Ms. Feng is an international daughter from a prestigious family who is born from nobility. Lin Wanwans just a small-time actress. The difference between them is still quite big."



Although quite a number of people present knew about Lin Wanwans and Lu Zhanbeis relationship and have restrained their words, their contempt was still very obvious.

The depressed feeling in Feng Xiaoweis heart dissipated by more than half. She tilted her head and smiled lightly to Lu Zhanbei. "It looks like Ms. Lin isnt teasing me this time."

Tang Chen, who was sitting by the side, squinted his eyes. "This womans really detestable."

"In this day and age, a third party whos not capable of acting is not fit to be named a third party."

As Shen Zhiyi sneered, she stood up.

"Now, its time for me, a heroine, to save the princess in danger."

However, as she stepped out, she saw Lu Zhanbei ignoring Feng Xiaowei, who was talking to him, and heading toward Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan wasnt affected by the cutting remarks and continued to play on her own.

She didnt feel that playing the piano ordinarily was something shameful. Even if she was thoroughly accomplished in the lyre, at playing chess, at calligraphy, and at painting, so what?

Whether a person was outstanding or not was not measured by such small skills.

"Move aside."

Lu Zhanbeis voice suddenly sounded from behind her. Lin Wanwan didnt stop in her movements and just moved her body to the side a little.

Lu Zhanbei sat next to her. "I remembered you acted as a pianist in the past and have read the scores of The Second Piano Concerto before."

As his words fell, his fingers landed on the black and white keys.

If it wasnt for the inappropriate timing, Lin Wanwan really wanted to pinch Lu Zhanbei!

The Second Piano Concerto was the work of Prokofiev. It was recognized by the industry as one of the most difficult piano pieces to play in the world. Lu Zhanbei actually wanted her, a rookie, to play such a tune? Was he trying to play her to her death?

Lin Wanwan continued to complain in her heart. However, she didnt slow down in her movements at all.

The two of them had a high level of chemistry and were responsible for each half of the piece. Occasionally, when it was too late for Lin Wanwan to make a change, Lu Zhanbei would quickly make a remedy and complement her flawlessly.

The piece sounded in every corner of the big hall, and people could not help but sigh.

"Its so wonderful. Mr. Lus skills have perfectly compensated for Lin Wanwans awkwardness."

"If they didnt like each other, how else could they have such a high level of chemistry? This combination is flawless!"

"Lin Wanwans family background aside, these two people could be considered as the golden boy and jade girl."

Lu Zhanbeis "disruption" successfully reversed the situation.

Feng Xiaowei could no longer maintain her previous innocence. She clenched her fists, and her sharp fingernails dug deep into her flesh.

The pain kept her sensible and also let her have a deeper experience of the sadness in her heart.

Could it be that their twenty years of relationship couldnt be compared to a Lin Wanwan?

Tang Chen looked at the image before him, which was of them playing a piece with four hands. He snorted with unhappiness, and jealously arose in his heart.

Lu Zhanbei only knew how to play such pretentious things!

Trifling with playthings!

He also wanted to start learning the piano from tomorrow onward!

Shen Zhiyi mumbled enthusiastically, "I havent seen Lu Zhanbei play the piano for years. No, I must have a dance."

Tang Chen looked at Lin Wanwan and his heart moved.

Among the many females present, only Shen Zhiyi was slightly closer to him.

He looked toward Shen Zhiyi.

Coincidentally, Shen Zhiyi was also looking toward him.

Tang Chen pouted and stretched out his hand. He was about to invite her for a dance when he saw Shen Zhiyi shifting her gaze. She directly bypassed the hand he stretched out and approached a mixed-blood beauty who was wearing a hat.

She only teased with a few words and the other party started laughing heartily. Then she held the beautys hand and slipped into the dance floor.