Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Tried To Steal A Chicken Only To Lose The Rice Again

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Lin Wanwan curved her lips and smiled. She didnt hide her happiness. "Ms. Feng, I have been very happy today. Thank you for your hospitality."

Feng Xiaowei thought of all the things that happened today and her heart turned cold. However, she gave an impeccable smile. "Youre welcome. I hope we have more chances to interact next time."



Feng Xiaowei sent a group of people outside. She didnt hold back and said, "CEO Lu, theres a very important meeting tomorrow at 8 am. Please be punctual."


Lu Zhanbei didnt look back and continued to link his hands closely with Lin Wanwans. This scene was reflected in Feng Xiaoweis eyes, and her face stiffened for a moment.

She wasnt anxious. In order to get a bumper harvest, she had to endure a long wait.

The next day, the broadcast of the charity event brought Xia country into a state of jubilee. Lin Wanwans wonderful performance was a hot topic that was talked about fervently.

"Our national Ball is too awesome! Shes so handsome when pulling the bow and shooting the arrow. I love her so much I want to marry her! Even though Im a girl myself."

"As a senior sports fan and a physical education teacher, I hereby announce that from today onward, Im her fangirl!"

"Lin Wanwan raised almost twenty million dollars for charity to help the children in mountainous areas. I give her a like!"

"Isnt anyone out there curious about why Lin Wanwans archery skills are so good? I truly believe that she should be in the sports industry to glow. Being an actress has really put her skills to shame. (serious face)"

"Female goddess, I want to give birth to your child!"

Comments like these appeared on all major platforms.

The number of Lin Wanwans fans sky-rocketed.

It was as if everyone had neglected Feng Xiaowei. Even when the nation-owned media reported this news, besides the commendation and award, they were only thankful for her contribution for the children in mountainous areas of Xia country.

Lin Wanwan was complimented so much that she felt a little guilty.

She didnt do much actually. She was purely just playing.

At this moment, Si Hans call came.

"A small piece of news." Si Han went straight to the topic. "The Xia Country Charity Organization would like to invite you to be their image ambassador. I have accepted it on your behalf."

Lin Wanwan could not help but be surprised.

In this day and age, celebrities of all statuses would take the initiative to or be forced to do charity. However, out of so many people, there was only one spokesperson for the Xia Country Charity Organization. He had been actively doing charity for the past forty years and only retired from the entertainment circle last year.

This was a very high honor and could improve her status within the entertainment circle.

"Si Dada, I can only use receiving it with shame to describe my current mood."

Si Han was amused. "Then can you use a phrase to describe Feng Xiaoweis mood right now?"

Lin Wanwan could not help but laugh. "Tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice again?"

Feng Xiaowei didnt achieve her purpose of stepping on her. Instead, she forked out a huge sum of money and was robbed off all the limelight. She must be feeling a lot of grievances in her heart.

Heh, heh, heh. Lin Wanwan laughed out loud, feeling unkind.

As a result of this charity event, there were people who were happy and people who felt grievances. There was also someone who was so angry that she smashed the teacup in her hands.

Luo Nanxi.

Her performance at the event was simply pathetic, earning her a large amount of resentment from passersby. They criticized that she was like a clown who actually dressed herself up gorgeously for such a serious occasion.

She even went around flirting and seducing people when she had a husband and was deemed unfaithful.

The warmer the praises for Lin Wanwan, the more serious the criticism Luo Nanxi suffered.

"This wretched woman. She should really die a hundred times!"