Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Taste Of Conspiracy 1

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As Luo Nanxi cursed to herself, she was so angry that her face flushed red. She was determined to give Lin Wanwan a lesson.

After thinking for a while, she had an idea and headed toward the study room.

Her husband had very deep relationships with the major TV stations. It was very easy to make an actress suffer.

After filming "Loving You Is My Business," Lin Wanwan started to choose new scripts. She selected one that had the role of a demonic sorcerer. She was about to call Si Han to ask about the details of the audition when his call came.

"Two days from now, you can go for an audition at the Imperial Capital TV Station for one of their self-produced dramas. Its at 9 am. Ill send you the script later."

This was the first time Si Han directly made a decision without seeking her opinion.

"Is this script very good?"

"No. You have to go."

"What do you mean?"

"This is a historical drama by the TV headquarters and TV station. Although the headquarters didnt say so directly, their meaning is very obvious. Whoever has been invited for the audition must not reject it," Si Han explained.

"Ok. Send over the script."

After a few minutes, Lin Wanwan understood the contents of this historical drama.

To be honest, it was a perfect score of ten out of ten.

The news that the highly-invested-in historical drama of the year was about to start filming became widespread and attracted a lot of attention. The roles of the emperor and his youngest daughter, who was also the female lead, was even more eye-catching. These two characters were the most legendary.

The Imperial Capital TV Station also announced the list of auditionees.

The actors who auditioned for the role of the emperor were all veteran actors aged fifty to sixty years old. Their acting skills were exquisite.

As for the role of the youngest princess, there were three candidates Lin Wanwan, Luo Nanxi, and a starlet whose acting skills were not bad and who had been popular recently.

After the news spread, voting activities appeared as well.

Lin Wanwan had been talked about the most, recently. She was also currently the most popular and the one with the highest status among the three. Her votes were in the lead and were up to 80 percent.

The starlet also had over 10 percent

Luo Nanxi was the most pitiful. As she had been too uncontrolled recently, she was seriously on the blacklist.

Lin Wanwan looked at the comments, which stated that they were certain she would win, and she faintly smelled a conspiracy.

The higher one was held up, the worse the fall.

The day of the audition arrived as scheduled. Lin Wanwan drove to the Imperial Capital TV Station.

Luo Nanxi and the starlet had already arrived.

Luo Nanxi saw Lin Wanwan and snorted coldly with disdain.

The starlet blushed and leaned over shyly. She produced the pen and paper she had already prepared beforehand.

"Senior, Im your fan. Can I have your signature, please?"

Her blushing apple-like face gave Lin Wanwan, this strange auntie, an impulse to give her a bite.

"Ok." She was happy to satisfy all her cute fans.

Lin Wanwans approachable nature gave the starlet more courage. Subsequently, the two of them chatted a lot.

The atmosphere was very harmonious, aside from Luo Nanxi casting a look of disgust occasionally.

Not too long later, the audition started. The first to begin was the starlet.

From Lin Wanwans perspective, her acting skills were alright. However, she was lacking aura.

As the director shook his head, the starlet left the scene regretfully.

Next up was Lin Wanwan. She took a deep breath and got into the character.

Although she wasnt agreeable to the plot, she still found that the image of the female lead was not bad.

Instantly, Lin Wanwan seemed to have changed into another person. She folded her hands and placed them in front of her abdomen, and she slowly moved forward.

Although she was just wearing a simple pair of jeans and white shirt, she brought out the feeling of being in a luxurious palace.

That noble and elegant temperament was much higher than that of the empress.