Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 773

Chapter 773 On The Protecting Wife Mode

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She clicked in and saw that the content was about Luo Nanxi clinching the female lead for the historical drama "Man of the World."

A lot of netizens expressed that it was difficult for them to accept this. As they werent at the auditions, it was inevitable that some people felt that Lin Wanwan had regressed, which gave Luo Nanxi an opportunity to suppress her.

Those meddlesome people and anti-fans slammed Lin Wanwan with all sorts of comments. They said that she had grown arrogant and self-conceited and, thus, was destined to lose.

Luo Nanxi had sent out a Weibo message immediately to boast about this.

"I thank the director for your recognition of me. I will try my best at this role. I want to let everyone know that my success is definitely based on my capabilities!"

Obviously, she was hinting that Lin Wanwans capabilities paled in comparison to hers.

At this time, Mi Xue suddenly forwarded her Weibo message.

"As one of the auditionees, Ill say something in all fairness. Lin Wanwans acting skills can put you behind by eight streets. Im not afraid to be checked on!"

It was really a slap to the face.

Lin Wanwan didnt expect that Mi Xue would offend Luo Nanxi for her. It looked like there was no doubt this little cutie was a true fan.

Even though there was Mi Xues support, it was still the truth that Lin Wanwan lost to Luo Nanxi.

Everyone was still ridiculing her on the Internet. Thankfully, Ball fans had long been trained to be fierce. They refuted every comment from the anti-fans.

In the Global Building, Lu Zhanbei was reviewing some documents. Gu Mo came running in suddenly, as if his buttocks were on fire.

"Sir, take a look at this quickly! Your future wife has been criticized!"

"Bring it over."

Lu Zhanbei received the mobile and looked at it plainly.

Why was it this woman again?

This was not going to end, was it?

He took out his externally connected mobile from the drawer. He found a name from his long address book.

The call was connected. A voice questioned cautiously from the other end. "Is this Mr. Lu?"

Lu Zhanbei no longer gave a subtle warning like before. He half-laughed and said, "Minister Yao has implicated my girlfriend. Are you complaining that you have sat in this position for too long?"

Minister Yao was at first stunned. Then, he thought of the news revealed by some of his reporter friends. He immediately broke into a cold sweat.

"Mr. Lu! Its my negligence. Ill rectify it immediately. Please give me a chance!"

Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything and hung up the call. He was about to continue preparing his documents when he looked up slyly.

"Gu Mo, if youre Lin Wanwan, would you need some sort of comforting right now?"

"Of course I will."

At times of failure, it was necessary to have the other half encouraging and comforting you.

Lu Zhanbei looked like he just got rid of a burden. He quickly threw the documents to the side and patted Gu Mos shoulder.

"Youre right. Im going back now to comfort her. Ill leave these documents with you."

"" Gu Mo was on the verge of breaking down. He couldnt wait to slap himself for being so nosy!

Lu Zhanbei returned to Yun Mansion. As he stepped in, he saw Lin Wanwan hugging a plate of grapes. She was eating while singing and looked happy and satisfied.

Seeing him enter, Lin Wanwan gave him a side glance. "Why are you back so early?"

Lu Zhanbei said in all seriousness, "Im back to comfort you."

"Oh really? Not because you missed me?"

Lu Zhanbei sneered. "Youre too good at reading too much into it."

Lin Wanwan pouted. He was so proud!

"Ok, since youre here to comfort me, help me peel off the skin of these grapes."

Lu Zhanbei was speechless. ""

So he got Gu Mo into trouble and returned home early for such an ending?

Lu Zhanbei accepted his fate and started to serve Queen Lin.

Lin Wanwan spent a lazy afternoon. In the evening, as she lay on the bed, the mobile under her pillow rang.

It was a foreign number.