Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 774

Chapter 774 So Daring Just Like Your Husband

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"Hello, Im Lin Wanwan."

"Im the manager of the Imperial Capital TV Station. I believe Ms. Lin knows who I am." The other partys voice carried with it superiority.

When she heard this tone, the smile on Lin Wanwans face gradually sank.

"Oh, hello."

"Man of the World" was a TV series produced by the Imperial Capital TV Station and supported by the TV headquarters.

The reason Luo Nanxi could set up such a trap was definitely related to her minister husband and this manager.

He still dared to put on such a high attitude now? Heh heh, did he really think he owned the world?

The manager waited for a long time but she didnt continue. He frowned.

Thinking of how Minister Yao had ordered him to get Lin Wanwan back even if he had to plead with her, he was puzzled, but he felt more dissatisfaction. He thought he valued her popularity.

"Ms. Lin, the results of the audition was actually a mistake. I, in my capacity as the manager, invite you to be the female lead for Man of the World.’"

He said it was an invitation but had put on airs as he was certain Lin Wanwan wouldnt reject and wouldnt dare to reject.

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. There were countless grandiose reasons she could use to reject him. However, she wasnt planning to do so.

She wondered if she was too easy to talk to previously that everyone thought that she was a soft persimmon who was good to bully.

The man-eating, night-blooming cereus didnt flare up, so everyone thought that she was a small white flower to be stepped on by others?

"Im sorry, but I dont fancy your drama."

The manager was at first shocked. Then, after he recovered himself, he scolded, "What are you talking about? If you dare to, say it once more!"

Lin Wanwan replied slowly, "Ive read through a lot of materials. This drama is inconsistent with history and has even vilified heroes. Historical dramas should be solemn and shouldnt have so many romantic aspects. If not, dont try to use the gimmick of a historical drama to promote it. Also, theres something very wrong with your directors taste. He cant be matched up to my acting skills. I wouldnt be able to communicate with him as well. Over, thats it."


The manager, who had recovered himself, was about to fly into a fury when Lin Wanwan deftly hung up the call.

Lu Zhanbei just came out from the shower. As he wiped his hair, he said, "So daring. Just like your husband."

Lin Wanwan yawned. "If I wasnt tougher, wouldnt I be letting you down for your help?"

If Lu Zhanbei didnt do anything, how would this arrogant manager be willing to lower his status to invite her?

Lu Zhanbei didnt feel guilty. "Ever since you got together with me, youve become cleverer."

It was more that she now had no lower limits.

Lin Wanwan snuggled into the blankets. "Go to sleep!"

Here, Lin Wanwan was having a good nights sleep. There, the manager was so angry that he nearly wanted to give her the cold shoulder.

He was about to put this into practice when Minister Zhu called. After learning of the conversation between the two, he started scolding him.

"Idiot! Ive told you time and time again that your attitude should be better. Why do you have to put on the airs of a manager? Dont you know that with a word from her, you have to get off the stage tomorrow?"

The manager was unwilling to take this lying down. "Shes just a small-time celebrity. How can she"

Minister Zhu interrupted him. "Do you know who her boyfriend is?"

"It must be some rich second-generation heir whos a good-for-nothing."

Minister Zhu really couldnt wait to tear him apart. "Its Lu Zhanbei! The CEO of Global and Dongchen. The man holding the power in the Lu family! No one knows what other backgrounds he has hidden. You still dare to call the shots? As long as Lin Wanwan says something, you might not be able to even see the sun tomorrow, never mind getting off the stage!"

When the manager heard the front part, his face had already turned pale. "Then what should I do?"

"Are you afraid now? Go and do what I say immediately. Maybe theres still a chance to turn things for the better!"

"Ill listen to you!"