Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Defeating Luo Nanxi

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The next day, after Lin Wanwan washed up, she played with her mobile as was her habit and refreshed Weibo.

"Eh?" She raised her eyebrows in puzzlement.

Just one night and the direction of the Internet had undergone a 180-degree change. The reason was that the Imperial Capital TV Station had issued a Weibo message half an hour ago.

"As the rumors on the Internet are getting more widespread, the station feels that there is a need to make a clarification. Regarding the female lead for Man of the World, it wasnt that Ms. Lin Wanwan was not good enough. Rather, her schedule was too full and she couldnt find time to accept this role. After our friendly consultation, we decided to select Ms. Luo Nanxi."

The Weibo post even included a video link to the audition the three of them attended yesterday. However, the directors comments were omitted.

It was clear at a glance who stood higher.

The outside world didnt know about the twists and turns of this audition. Now that the official Weibo account was criticizing Luo Nanxi, it was another big hit and everyone loved what they saw and heard.

"Luo Nanxi was saying just yesterday that she suppressed my Ball based on her own capabilities. Today, she has been criticized. Hahaha! Those anti-fans should stop now. Im not boasting, but Balls acting skills are definitely the most outstanding among this new generation of actors!"

"After watching the video, I see Lin Wanwan has totally defeated Luo Nanxi"

"The truth is out. Although Luo Nanxi has acting skills as well, theres still an obvious difference between the two. I can only say shes lucky to have obtained this role by picking it up from Lin Wanwan."

The comments on the Internet were all one-sided. Luo Nanxi once again became the object of ridicule.

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and no longer bothered with this matter.

However, Luo Nanxi was about to blow her top. Everything was still alright yesterday. Why did she become everyones laughingstock today?

"What the hell is going on?!"

Hadnt her husband greeted the manager yesterday? Why did he have to bite him back?

Luo Nanxi pushed open the study room door. She was just about to cry and act like a spoiled child when Minister Xu, who was sitting on the sofa smoking, swept his eyes coldly over her.

"Thanks to you, Ive been suspended from work for three months. Luo Nanxi, if you continue to not know your place, you should get out of the Xu family!"

Luo Nanxis face turned pale. Xu Tian had always pampered her. This was the first time he was giving her dirty looks.

"Husband sorry. I dont know why things turned out to be like this."

Xu Tian sighed. He waved his hands, signaling for her to come over. "I dont understand either. I heard Minister Zhu saying that Lin Wanwan has a very formidable backing. Stay low during this period of time. At the very least, let me resume my position first. Then, well think of ways to deal with her."

"Ok." On the surface, Luo Nanxi looked obedient. Deep down, waves were surging in her heart.

The better a life Lin Wanwan led, the more it seemed that Luo Nanxi herself was in a sorry state.

She wouldnt let this pass. Seeds of hatred were already planted. At the very most, it would be a life-and-death struggle!

Lin Wanwan accepted the TV drama that had the role of a demonic sorcerer.

There were two female leads in this drama one good and one evil.

There was a sorcerer dressed in white who was cold and arrogant.

There was a sorcerer dressed in red who was charming.

The actress who played the good sorcerer was someone Lin Wanwan was familiar with Lian Qi.

Although the two of them were not considered friends, they could chat well. When they cooperated, there was no contradiction. In fact, as time passed, both of them came to appreciate each other due to their similar tastes.

As Lin Wanwan shuffled between school and the production unit, time flew.

On this day, she went to the winery.

As she entered the living room, she saw Ruan Baoer, who was dressed in a maid outfit, smiling as she mopped the floor.

"Baoer, youre back!" Lin Wanwan was surprised.

Ruan Baoer gave a lopsided grin. She pulled her to the side and whispered, "My incessant coaxing had succeeded. Daddy and Mommy agreed to my marriage freedom! Congratulate me quickly. Hahaha"