Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 776

Chapter 776 You Have Been Waiting For Me All This While

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"Congratulations. When are you planning to confess your love to Si Han?"

"Why do I have to go to the trouble of confessing? Im prepared to do the deed with him directly!"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Thinking of Si Hans crafty nature, she felt that Ruan Baoer was being a little whimsical.

"Ok. Ill give you mental support."

"Take a seat first. Ill get Si Han to come downstairs."

Ruan Baoer unbuttoned two buttons of her maid outfit and revealed her sexy figure. Her cute face switched to a charming feminine mode, and she walked away, shaking her hips.

Lin Wanwan could not bear to look at her

Not too long later, Si Han came downstairs.

Lin Wanwan looked behind him. "Wheres Baoer?"

"Shes asleep."

Lin Wanwans expression became complicated. She held back her words for a while and said tactfully, "Si Dada, you cant conceal your illness and refuse to seek treatment."

"Eh?" Si Han didnt understand.

"I heard from Sister Zhiyi that the andrology department in the city hospital is very formidable. If youre willing, shall I accompany you to see them tomorrow?"

When Si Han understood the meaning of her words, his face darkened. "You think I cant do it?"

If he could do it, he wouldnt have finished within a few minutes

Baoer was too weak as well if she could be tired out by this alone.

Just when Lin Wanwan was thinking about some dirty-minded things, Si Han grabbed her wrist fiercely. He pulled her along and headed upstairs.

"Since you doubt that I can do it, Ill let you experience it personally."

Lin Wanwan was scared helpless. "No, no, no. You can do it. You can do it very well. Will this do?!"

Si Han gave her a side glance. "How do you know I can do it very well? Could it be that you have spied on me bedding a woman before?"

What the hell! He was so shameless!

The two of them joked for a while before talking about serious business.

Si Han said, "You can try out movies now. You have gotten the best TV actress award before and have popularity now. Youre just missing a best movie actress award. However, TV dramas can help you maintain your popularity and you cant get rid of them completely."

Lin Wanwan felt the same way as well. "After filming this TV drama, Ill start to accept movies. Ill keep a lookout as well."

She was shortlisted for the best female supporting actress in this years Silver Deer Movie Festival with "The Distance Just for You." It was one month from the opening.

The TV drama was on its way. Lin Wanwan grabbed hold of time and completed the filming in advance.

When she returned to Yun Mansion, it was already past midnight. Lin Wanwan looked at her watch and felt slightly guilty.

She had made a promise with Lu Zhanbei previously. Regardless of how busy she was, she should return before 12 am.

Lin Wanwan lightly pushed open the master bedroom door. It was pitch black inside.

Borrowing the light that shone through the window curtains, the figure of a man sleeping soundly on the bed could be seen faintly.

She heaved a sigh of relief. She didnt dare to shower, for fear of waking him up. She walked over on tiptoe.

She pulled open the blankets, lay down, and closed eyes.


Lin Wanwan let out a pitiful scream. She jumped off from the bed immediately.


The lights lit up. Lu Zhanbei, who was wearing a bathrobe, leaned lazily against the bed frame. His charming phoenixes could be seen shining brightly under the messy hair strands.

"Is the feeling of the ice bag good?"

"As if!"

Lin Wanwan grabbed the ice bag on the bed and threw it in Lu Zhanbeis direction, but her efforts were futile.

"I just returned a little late. Do you have to go to this extent to prank me?"

Lu Zhanbei corrected her. "Its not a while. It has been two hours and fifteen minutes."

Lin Wanwan looked embarrassed. Seeing that he looked slightly cold, as if he was angry, her own anger over being pranked dissipated by more than half.

"You have been waiting for me all this while?"

"What do you think?"