Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 777

Chapter 777 This Is The Kiss You Owe Me

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Knowing that justice was not on her side, Lin Wanwan revealed a pleasing smile. She silently leaned over and made to sit in his arms to use the trick of the beauty.

However, Mr. Lu pushed her away. He turned his head away and said, "Go away. I dont want to talk to you."

This damned arrogance!

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes in her heart. On the surface, she looked pitiful and was about to cry.

"Sorry. I promise therell be no next time. Im tired and sleepy. May I sleep?"

Lu Zhanbei pointed to the sofa. "You sleep there."

" I want to sleep together with you."

"No room for discussion."

Lu Zhanbei felt that there was a need to give this disobedient woman a lesson.

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes. A trick came to mind, and she raised her eyebrows and smiled at him ambiguously. "Lets do a deal, then. Ill kiss you if youll forgive me."

"Heh." Was his bottom line for forgiveness so low?

Lin Wanwan was at her wits end. She glared at him fiercely. Accepting her fate, she ran to the sofa.

Although this sofa was wide and had a soft texture, she was already used to Lu Zhanbeis arms. She couldnt fall asleep anywhere else.

"Lu Zhanbei, without you accompanying me, I cant sleep."

However, the man only smiled and said, "Goodnight."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Hearing Lu Zhanbeis even breathing, she was like a pancake, tossing and turning. In the end, she wore headphones to listen to music. As she listened, she finally felt sleepy.

She slept a little dishonestly and kicked the blanket to the ground.

Cool air blew in from the half-opened windows. Lin Wanwan shivered.

"Oh, so cold" In her dreams, she mumbled and curled her body into a ball.

Lu Zhanbei, who was on the bed, quietly opened his eyes. Seeing the curled up figure on the sofa, he frowned.

Eventually, he compromised and got off the bed. He bent over and picked up the young girl. Before he could put her down on the bed, two arms were curled around his slender neck.

Lu Zhanbei lowered his head and met a pair of sly eyes.

"I know you cant bear to let me be alone."

"You have thought too much. I was afraid youll catch a cold, and then Ill have to take care of you." Lu Zhanbei refused to admit it.

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly and thumped his chest. "Go to sleep. Im really tired."

She was about to yawn when Lu Zhanbeis warm lips landed.

Not knowing how long had passed, he only released himself when he sensed he was about to lose control.

"This is the kiss you owe me."

Lin Wanwan seized the opportunity. "So this means you have forgiven me."

Lu Zhanbei didnt answer her and patted her head. "Never again."

In front of her, his bottom line for forgiveness was that low.

After filming the TV drama, Lin Wanwan felt idle and started to choose among the movie scripts that were sent to her for selection.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei walked over. "Are you free tomorrow?"

Lin Wanwan was about to say she was free when something struck in her brain.

"Tomorrow is my nineteenth birthday. Are you planning to give me a surprise?"

"No surprise. Im quite free recently so I wanted to go out with you."

Lin Wanwan felt that work had been quite intense recently and she needed to relax. She readily agreed.

"Then its settled!"

Both of them left Xia country.

As they got off the plane, Lin Wanwan was so cold that her body trembled.

The temperature in Washington had dropped below zero now. Occasionally, there was some light snow.

"There are so many cities with great scenery. Why do you have to come here?"

Lu Zhanbei handed her a warm cashmere trench coat. "It hasnt snowed in the Imperial City in two years. Isnt it good to appreciate the snow once in a while?"

"Thats right too." Lin Wanwan wrapped herself in the trench coat and got into the car. "Are we going to the hotel now?"

"Youll find out soon."