Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Recovering The Previously Lost Surprise

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Not knowing how long had passed, Lin Wanwan started to doze off in the car. The car finally stopped.

They came to the outskirts, where a Western-style building stood on a meadow. It was surrounded by white fences, which were full of green plants that were resistant to cold.

Lu Zhanbei held her hand and walked into the Western-style building. She pushed open the door, and the warm air that swooped in made her exhale.

"So warm"

She wanted to warm herself up on the sofa. However, Lu Zhanbei didnt allow her to do so and dragged her upstairs. They stopped in front of a room door.

Before pushing open the door, he reminded her kindly, "Dont be too agitated later."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. "Lu Zhanbei, you arent going to propose, right?"

"Dream on."


Shit. This man really didnt know how to say nice-sounding words. Indeed, he no longer doted on her after managing to capture her. Hah, men!

As Lin Wanwan criticized him, she watched as Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door.

A woman in a light-coloredcheongsamwith her back facing the door was seated in front of the table.

There were thick drawings in front of her. Opposite her was a blond woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat. She was stroking a dress of exquisite workmanship.

"Madam, I really like this dress. Sell it to me. Im willing to fork out double the price!" the blond woman pleaded.

The woman shook her head lightly and said in fluent English, "Sorry, I made this for my daughter. No matter the amount of money, I wont be selling it."

The soft and gentle female voice traveled into her ears. Lin Wanwans body trembled suddenly and she couldnt move.

This voice was

"Mother?" she called out tentatively.

Yu Yun turned her head fiercely. As she saw her daughter, who was wrapped like a bear, outside the door, she waved her hands, her eyes slightly red.

"My baby, come over."

Without any hesitation, Lin Wanwan pounced into Yu Yuns arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around her waist.

The warm breathing reminded her that she wasnt dreaming. It was just that she found it difficult to calm down.

"Mother, what is going on? Arent you dead? Why are you here?"

Yu Yun pinched her hand. "Ill explain it to you later. Let me finish this first."

" Ok." Lin Wanwan retreated to the side obediently, her gaze fixed on her.

Yu Yun took out another outfit. "Miss, Ive also tailored this dress personally. I feel that you would like it."

The woman sized it up and nodded with satisfaction. She paid for it. Knowing that Yu Yun was occupied, she left sensibly.

Lin Wanwan finally calmed down and asked the doubts in her heart again.

Yu Yun said, "That day, I really thought I wouldnt be able to survive. When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital in Washington. I spent more than two months recuperating. Then, I came here. Its all thanks to Zhanbei."

Lin Wanwan was stunned and hugged her again. Tears shone in her eyes. "Thats great. Youre still alive"

"Yes. Ive finally obtained freedom."

Yu Yun persisted on the dream she had when she was young and became a fashion designer. She worked hard every day. When she had time, she would drink tea or grow flowers. Occasionally, she went shopping and traveling.

To an ordinary person, such days were easily within reach. However, this was something she didnt dare to dream of in the past.

Lin Wanwan was sincerely happy for her. After suffering most of her life, she finally felt some sweetness.

The mother-daughter pair chatted for a long time. Then, they finally recalled the existence of another person in the house.

Yu Yun looked at Lu Zhanbei, who had been standing at the door and was about to turn into a statue. She said apologetically, "Zhanbei, I was too agitated."