Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 779

Chapter 779 The Sweetness Under The Snow

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"No need to apologize to him."

Lin Wanwan walked over with murderous intent and placed both hands on her hips.

"Dont you feel that you owe me an explanation?"

He had actually hidden this from her for so long.

Yu Yun persuaded, "Dont blame Zhanbei. I got him to hide it from you temporarily. I didnt want Zhengyu to recognize any flaws. Dont be so stubborn."

She actually said she was stubborn

Lin Wanwan looked at her bitterly. "Are you sure you gave birth to Lin Wanwan?"

Yu Yun smiled while shaking her head. "No, nineteen years ago today, I went out to buy peanut oil. The boss said there was an ongoing promotion. Buy a bottle of peanut oil to get a child for free. Youre that child."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lu Zhanbei interrupted appropriately, "I always thought you were a premium. I didnt expect you to be a giveaway."

Lin Wanwan exploded. "Both of you are bullying me!"

The atmosphere was warm and harmonious. The mother-daughter pair went to the kitchen together and cooked up a delicious dinner.

Yu Yun took out the birthday cake she prepared earlier. After singing the birthday song, she got her to make a wish.

Only she herself knew how agitated she felt in her heart. Finally she could finally celebrate her daughters birthday.

After the meal, Lin Wanwan lay spinelessly against Yu Yuns shoulder and watched TV with her.

Lu Zhanbei, who was standing in front of the window curtains, suddenly said, "Lin Wanwan, its snowing."

Lin Wanwans eyes shone. She put on a scarf and gloves and rushed out.

The snowflakes fluttered and fell. It was as if the entire world was white.

Lin Wanwan handed a branch excitedly to Lu Zhanbei. "Lu Zhanbei, draw something on the snow. Coincidentally, it can be the background picture for my selfie."

"What should I draw?"

"A dog. Draw Tianba!"

"Thats too simple. Im not drawing."

Looking at his face that was deserving of a beating, Lin Wanwan felt angry. "Then, draw me. If its ugly, dont blame me for being unreasonable."

Lu Zhanbei squatted down. Accepting his fate, he started to draw seriously.

Not too long later, he had drawn two mini characters.

Although they werent clear, it was evident from certain characteristics that they were of the two of them.

They were standing together, and a dog was squatted on their legs. It was obviously Tianba.

"The drawings alright. Its just missing something," Lin Wanwan commented professionally with both hands wrapped around her arms.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "If youre so capable, go ahead."

Lin Wanwan snorted and used a branch to draw a big heart that circled both of them and the dog.

"Its perfect now."

It was rare for Lu Zhanbei to praise her. "Not bad. Thats a good stroke."

Lin Wanwan laughed. "Here, lets take a photo together."

Lu Zhanbei walked over and hugged her waist.

Even after a while, Lin Wanwan didnt make any movement.

"Youre still not taking it?"

"Ill take it after the snow dyes our hair white. That way, we can experience living to old age in conjugal bliss in advance."

Lin Wanwan thought that this was meaningful and that it would make a good memory.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes were as gentle as spring water. However, he snorted and said, "Childish."

"Then go away. I can take a selfie by myself!"

"Seeing that youre so pitiful, Ill accompany you."

Lin Wanwan pouted. She raised her mobile up high and took a photo.

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes over her smile. The curvature of his lips deepened, and he leaned against her head.


The image froze at this moment.

Yu Yun, who was standing at the second floor, witnessed this scene. She smiled in relief.

It was good to be young. Freedom was good.

Lin Wanwan spent this day very happily. It was unforgettable as well. This was the nourishment of kinship and love.

The next day, Lin Wanwan wanted to shop in the city. Coincidentally, Yu Yun wanted to deliver a designer outfit to one of her customers. Thus, the three of them headed out together.

When Yu Yun delivered the outfit to her customer, Lin Wanwan felt thirsty and excitedly went to buy some drinks.

As she passed by the wishing fountain in the middle of the square, she saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eye. She subconsciously stopped in her tracks.