Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Deja Vu

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A filming studio was set up nearby, and the crew were carrying equipment in and out.

An Qiao and Lin Wanwan got out of the car. Looking around, they did not spot Tan Zhiyue.

“He might still be on his way, let’s get you changed first.”

An Qiao brought Lin Wanwan into the studio, not realizing that there was a black RV parked not far away.

Tan Zhiyue was standing by the car door. Looking at Lin Wanwan and An Qiao, he whispered into the car, “They are here.”

“Lin Wanwan?”

The sharp side view of the man can be seen through the half-open window. His brows raised slightly. “Why is it her?”

“Mr. Lu knows Lin Wanwan?”

Lu Zhanbei answered calmly, “Somewhat.”

Tan Zhiyue closed his eyes. His voice was filled with grief sorrow as he said, “This girl is the one most similar to that person. I know that she’s not an experienced actress and that they have different appearances, but other than Lin Xiao, Lin Wanwan is the only one who has that fairy-like sense. Therefore, I wanted her to act as Jin Yanran.”

Lin Xiao

Hearing the name that had been embedded deep in his heart, Lu Zhanbei pressed his attractive lips together. His eyes were flashing with sentiments.

“Really?” One word had brought out his unspeakable emotions.

“Yes,” said Tan Zhiyue. He snorted in a self-deprecating way. “I don’t expect Lin Wanwan to act better than Lin Xiao, of course. She was a unique actress whom no one can ever replace. However, Lin Xiao and I had put our heart and soul into this movie, which is why I don’t want to give it up.”

Lu Zhanbei stayed silent for a while, then said, “Since it’s a work that she put effort into, I’ll never allow anyone to ruin it.”

Tan Zhiyue glanced at Lu Zhanbei carefully and realized that his expression was so still that it was nearly sinful. So many emotions seemed to be hidden in his mind. Tan Zhiyue couldn’t tell what he was thinking, neither would he ever understand these emotions.

He lowered his head. “Of course. I don’t want her effort to go to waste. She looked forward to the release of this movie.”

“Good.” Lu Zhanbei leaned back and closed his eyes in exhaustion.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tan Zhiyue finally spoke again. This time, his voice was trembling with excitement. “She she’s here!”

Lu Zhanbei opened his eyes slowly. In his sight was Lin Wanwan, who’d just changed.

Her hair was done up like she’s a lady in the eighteenth century. A violetcheongsam[1: A traditional and feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese features.] outlined her curvy body shape. Her outfit, together with the sensual makeup, made her look like a courtesan.

However, her charisma was elegant and refined. Her smile invoked both purity and seduction that was perfectly balanced.

Lu Zhanbei was lost in her beauty for a moment.

It felt like deja vu.

His phone still stored photos of Lin Xiao wearing the same makeup. Two distinctively different faces, yet Lu Zhanbei could feel the same charming and amorous atmosphere from them.

“Seems like” Tan Zhiyue was in a trance. “I found the right person.”

Lu Zhanbei was absorbed in his thoughts. His eyes lingered on Lin Wanwan, and finally, he said, “Not too bad.”

Tan Zhiyue seemed to have recalled something and laughed.

“Back then, I wanted the character to wear a whitecheongsam, but Lin Xiao had been against it. She questioned why everyone had to be dressed in white when someone important dies. She said colorful outfits could create the same heart-breaking feeling, so she chose this set of clothes.”

Lu Zhanbei’s cold expression loosened up a bit. His lips curved as he said, “That’s the Lin Xiao I know.”

Catching this, Tan Zhiyue was confused.

It seems Lu Zhanbei had known Lin Xiao well?

He had been friends with Lin Xiao for years, but he never heard her talk about Lu Zhanbei.

What was the relationship between them?