Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 780

Chapter 780 You. All Of You. Care About Him More

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A teenager in black tights and a punk jacket was standing by the wishing fountain. His handsome face and sly temperament attracted a few foreigners, and they tried to show their love via their passionate eyes.

He didnt care. He played with a coin with his slender fingers and looked casual.


He flicked his slender finger and the coin fell straight into the center of the fountain.

He curved his lips slightly. After hed been walking for a while, someone tapped his shoulder.

"Fu Zhinian, arent you making a wish?"

Fu Zhinian turned around. He looked at her with disdain. "Making a wish is for kids."

Lin Wanwan did not get annoyed. She tilted her head to size him up and smiled meaningfully. "We can even meet in a foreign country. Isnt this coincidental? Also, when you saw me, youre actually not surprised at all? Could it be you are waiting for gains without pains?"

Fu Zhinians eyelids jumped and he sneered. "In this day and age, its rare to see someone who reads too much into things like you do."

Lin Wanwan didnt expose the fact that he was saying one thing and meaning another.

Indeed, Fu Zhinian and Lu Zhanbei were birth brothers. Both of them were equally proud and stubborn.

"Ok. I have read too much into it."

Lin Wanwan sat by the edge of the wishing fountain and patted the spot next to her.

"A coincidental encounter means we are fated. Lets sit down and have a chat, shall we?"

Fu Zhinian frowned. "Ill give you only half an hour."

Lin Wanwan smiled helplessly. She asked, "Have you gotten a girlfriend in university?"

"Thats none of your business," Fu Zhinian replied instinctively.

After that, he seemed to realize that his attitude was bad and he twitched his lips uncomfortably.


"Are those hooligans still finding trouble? If you cant fight against them, remember to find me. When youre in a bad mood, youll feel happier after venting your anger. Oh right, when Im bored, I like to make desserts. Next time, Ill bring you some. What flavor do you like?"

Lin Wanwan chattered nonstop. Fu Zhinian replied to her sentence after sentence.

The cold and indifferent outer shell melted rapidly. His eyes revealed a thin layer of gentleness, and his stiff back gradually relaxed.


Compared to experiencing this care and concern through that person, it felt better to experience such feelings directly.

Lin Wanwan had guessed correctly. Indeed, Fu Zhinian had followed them to Washington and all the way here.

Lu Zhanbei should have realized this a long time ago, but he didnt say anything.

Without them realizing it, an hour had passed.

"I should head back. Lu Zhanbeis waiting for me."

Fu Zhinian suppressed the emotions in his heart. He nodded expressionlessly. "Im leaving."

"Fu Zhinian." Lin Wanwan looked at his back view and had suddenly called him.

"Anything else?"

Looking into his emotionless yet still arrogant-looking eyes, the cute little puppys clear eyes flashed past Lin Wanwans mind. She tried her best to pretend nothing had happened and asked, "Have you thought of how to solve your split personality issue?"

Fu Zhinian turned his head back rapidly, and the layers of frost in his eyes condensed.

"What do you mean?"

Lin Wanwan could sense the coldness he radiated, but she didnt understand why.

"I feel that you should have already learned how to face up to your own emotions. Because then, he will appear less frequently in the future and eventually disappear completely. So you"

So you have to work hard and not let the cute little puppy down for his sacrifices.

However, she didnt have a chance to say the last few words.

Fu Zhinian could clearly see the reluctance in her eyes, and he gave a smile in self-mockery. He interrupted, "Compared to me, you, all of you, care about him more."