Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Have You Forgotten Something?

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"No, I just feel that Xiao Niannian"

Lin Wanwan couldnt go on. Her heart wrenched a little.

Actually, shed known long ago that as long as the main personality untied the knot in his heart, the cute little puppy would disappear sooner or later.

Fu Zhinian closed his eyes. Xiao Niannian

"I understand."

After a while, he opened his eyes. Even though he had tried his best to cover up, one could still feel the self-deprecation he had in his heart.

"So it turned out that the person reading too much into it is me. I thought that in this world, only you are different. Now it seems that even you feel that Im the one whos an extra."

Everyone just didnt like him.

Parents, brothers, classmates.

He had neglected it. The reason he could feel warmth from Lin Wanwan was also because of "him."

"Sorry to have disturbed you." From today onward, he no longer wanted something that didnt belong to him.

"Fu Zhinian!" Lin Wanwan chased after him.

However, Fu Zhinian walked away very quickly. In the blink of an eye, hed disappeared in the vast sea of people.

"Why would you be an extra"

Lin Wanwan, who wasnt paying attention, didnt notice that there was a tourist-like man a few meters away who was walking away.

After walking far enough, he immediately dug out his mobile and described in detail what he had seen and heard.

From the other end of the call, a subtle smile crept up Lin Wanxins face.

"Got it. Continue to monitor them. Make sure to stay hidden."

Thinking of Lu Zhanbeis extraordinary observation skills, she added, "When Lu Zhanbeis around, youre not to appear!"

After hanging up the call, she interlocked her fingers and rested them below her chin. She seemed to be in deep thoughts.

There was a contradicting split personality issue

Lin Wanwan was still fretting over not having said clearly her words when she felt someone holding her right hand.

"Lets head back. Dont let Madam Yu get too anxious from waiting," a mans plain voice sounded by her ear.

"Lu Zhanbei, Fu Zhinian"

"It isnt that easy to untie the knot in someones heart."

Perhaps he and Lin Wanwan were too happy with the other Fu Zhinian that the main personality developed some ideas.

Lin Wanwan bucked up. "Ill find an opportunity to have a good chat with him next time!"

Both of them took the original route back and met up with Yu Yun. They played in the city for the entire day.

Before Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei returned to the country, they sent Yu Yun out of Washington.

Lin Wanwan didnt understand and asked him why he had to do so.

Lu Zhanbei explained, "There are too many enemies around. Even if you are cautious enough, its hard to guarantee her traces will not be revealed. To be on the safe side, we need to move Madam Yu around frequently. I will send someone to ensure her safety."

Lin Wanwan thought that made sense. Anyway, as long as her mother was still alive, regardless of how far apart they were, they could still meet anytime.

Coincidentally, Yu Yun wished for this as well. After all, she had wanted to travel around the world in the past.

After a ten-hour flight, both of them returned to Yun Mansion.

Lin Wanwan lay on the big bed, exclaiming that it was cozy.

At this moment, a shadow who leaned over pressed her entirely underneath him.

"Have you forgotten something?"

Lin Wanwan looked at the mans handsome face, which was well within reach, and felt confused and innocent. "What? No?"

"You said before if your mother was still alive and she wanted us to get married earlier, you would definitely fulfill her wish." He reminded her with "kind intentions."

Lin Wanwan sensed a trace of danger from those unkind eyes and put on a disguise. "Is that so? Why didnt I have any impression of it at all? Perhaps you remembered wrongly. Or maybe I was possessed. You cant treat those words as true. Hahaha!"

Lu Zhanbei used his hand full of callouses to hold her face. Although his actions were gentle, his voice was sinister.

"I need to help deepen your impression."