Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 782

Chapter 782 The Bathroom Was In A Mess

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"You boohoo"

Lin Wanwan was caught off guard, and her lips were pressed against his hard.

Clothes fell into a messy pile. In a confused state of mind, Lin Wanwan guarded fiercely her last line of defense.

"No sexual behavior before marriage!"

"Then lets go and get a certificate now."

Lin Wanwan felt that these words sounded familiar and she subconsciously said, "No, I have to"

She seemed to have remembered something and her words stopped abruptly.

Lu Zhanbei half-smiled and leaned into her face. He was bare from the neck down. His lean muscled lines were smooth and beautiful, and he exuded strong manliness.

"What excuse do you have now to reject me?"

Lin Wanwan pressed down her hands, afraid that she would not be able to help but to touch him.

She didnt reject the idea of going to bed with Lu Zhanbei at all.


When she saw his self-satisfied look, she felt unhappy!

Lin Wanwan averted her eyes and suddenly pretended to be sad. "Lu Zhanbei, I know you dont want to be responsible. Are you intending to kick me aside after youve had your fun?"

Did she have to exaggerate that much?

Lu Zhanbei wrapped his arms around his chest coldly. He looked picky. "No tears were shed. Your acting skills have fallen behind."

Lin Wanwans face stiffened. "You dont know how to say any nice words. Serves you right for being punished!"

Lu Zhanbei lifted her up horizontally and walked toward the bathroom. "Those who provoke me will not have a good ending. Youre no exception."

"What do you want to do?"

"Since I cant get to eat the main course, Ill have some appetizer first."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

An hour later, the bathroom was in a mess. It was evident how fierce the battle had been.

Lin Wanwan expressed that her elbow was sore!

The Silver Deer Movie Festival was going to be held soon. Lin Wanwan no longer accepted TV dramas and focused on selecting movies to film next.

She finally selected a movie with a family theme.

The rebellious daughter had gotten into a big argument with the father as he wanted to re-marry and give her a stepmother.

The daughter left home. After a few kind-hearted people persuaded her, she was prepared to accept her stepmother when she returned home. However, she accidentally caused the stepmother to suffer a miscarriage.

In the end, the stepmother passed away due to an accident. The father thought that she was the murderer and went to jail on her behalf.

Finally, after much effort from the daughter, the truth surfaced. A grudge of more than twenty years was involved in this feud.

There was a selling point of kinship and suspense. As long as it was filmed well, it should be able to produce results.

The next morning, the sun shone its rays through the window curtains. Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and saw the vibrating mobile on the bedside table.

"Lu Zhanbei, your mobiles ringing."

Lu Zhanbei received the mobile from her. He didnt open his eyes and lazily said hello.

Lin Wanwan leaned over and heard Feng Xiaoweis voice from the other end of the call.

"CEO Lu, good morning."

"Is anything the matter?"

"CEO Lu hasnt woken up yet?"

When Lin Wanwan heard that Feng Xiaowei was trying to make conversation, she immediately climbed on top of Lu Zhanbei and gently bit his collarbone.

A subtle yet extremely sexy sigh was let out from the mans blushing lips. "Im busy. If theres anything, lets talk in the office."

"CEO Lu"

Feng Xiaoweis face changed. She heard Lin Wanwan saying from the other end of the call, "Dear, who gave you a call so early in the morning?"

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call ruthlessly. As Feng Xiaowei listened to the beep, it was difficult to determine her facial expression.

There wasnt anything inappropriate for children happening between the two in Yun Mansion.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the woman who was wrapped in the blanket and refusing to let him come closer. He smiled coldly.

"You. Youve kicked me to the curb after Ive outlived my usefulness."

Lin Wanwan threw him a wink. She jumped out of bed and walked toward the bathroom. "Theres still half an hour to go before you start work. Perhaps Feng Xiaoweis finding you for some work matter. I dont want to delay you."

She was deserving of a beating