Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Slipped?

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Lu Zhanbei left Yun Mansion. When he reached the office, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Feng Xiaowei, who was dressed in a simple office ladys outfit, looked smart and elegant. She placed the few meal boxes in her hands on the table. She smiled and said, "CEO Lu, you couldnt have had time to have breakfast just now. I made these personally. Wont you try them, CEO Lu?"

"No need. Ive brought breakfast."

Before Lu Zhanbei left the house, Lin Wanwan had forcibly given him a so-called love meal box.

He opened the warmer bag that was printed with Winnie the Pooh. As she was too rushed, Lin Wanwan only prepared a few items simply.

Feng Xiaowei swept her gaze over the ham and egg sandwich and suppressed the jealousy in her heart. She smiled plainly. "This must have been prepared by Ms. Lin, right? It looks good, but its too simple. She didnt consider the nutritional balance well. It looks like Ms. Lin has still got quite a way to go before reaching the standards of a good wife and mother."

Lu Zhanbei didnt look at her. "What I want isnt a good wife and mother or a life partner whos of equal social standing as me. If I did, I can have as many women as I want."

These words had a hidden meaning.

Feng Xiaoweis heart tightened, and the smile on her face gradually turned pale. "Is that so? Then, whats CEO Lus ideal type?"

Lu Zhanbei slowly finished his sandwich. Then, he smiled lightly. "If its Lin Wanwan, I have no other requirements. If its someone else, then nobody can meet my requirements."

"" Feng Xiaowei nearly couldnt maintain the calm look on her face.

She was silent for a few seconds. Then, she changed the conversation in a sorry state.

"CEO Lu, we have to go to the factory for an inspection in half an hour."

"Got it. Get out."

The moment the door closed, Feng Xiaowei saw that he consumed the simple breakfast with a focused expression. She felt that her chest was being suppressed by a huge stone, and it was so heavy that she couldnt breathe.

Half an hour later, both of them left Global Building with a group of management executives.

As a leading company in Xia country, Global Corporation was highly sought after by financial journalists. Every day, there would be a lot of paparazzi lying in ambush outside the corporation.

When they saw Lu Zhanbei and a group of people walking out, they immediately raised their cameras up high in excitement.

Lu Zhanbei pulled open the car door and was about to sit in.

Feng Xiaowei staggered. Her body fell and she leaned against his shoulder.

Without waiting for him to push her away, she immediately steadied her footsteps. She flipped her hair in embarrassment.

"CEO Lu, sorry. I slipped."

Lu Zhanbei retracted his gaze plainly and ignored her. Then, he got on the car.

This scene was fully captured by a reporters high-definition camera.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan was filming the cover of a magazine.

After taking this set of covers, she accepted an interview. She didnt know how but the topic was inexplicably switched to the charity event that happened previously.

"Wanwan, what were Ms. Fengs thoughts about your outstanding performance at the event back then?"

Lin Wanwan automatically interpreted this question as: You have stolen the limelight away from Feng Xiaowei. How much do you think she was scarred by this?

Lin Wanwan held back her laughter and answered in a dignified manner.

At this moment, a makeup artist who had been refreshing Weibo exclaimed, "Oh! So it turns out that this Ms. Feng is an employee of Global Corporation. Shes even in a relationship with the CEO of Global!"

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes. Who dared to create such a rumor?

Everyone was very interested in the gossip in the upper circles. During the mid-day break, they dug out their mobiles and started to browse with interest.

Lin Wanwan was no exception. Just one look at it and she nearly couldnt control the anger inside her.