Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Lu Zhanbei Coward?

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"Strong combination. Suspected relationship between an international daughter from a prestigious family and the CEO of Global exposed"

There were a few hi-res photos underneath the caption.

One of them was of Feng Xiaowei leaning her body against Lu Zhanbeis shoulders. It looked like she was hugging Lu Zhanbei, and the two of them seemed very intimate.

The audience who saw this piece of news could not help but sigh:

"Why did the CEO of Global only reveal a little of his profile? However, hes still so handsome! That figure and those facial features. He has never disappointed me before!"

"The two of them are a good-looking couple whos of equal social standing."

"I also wish to become the CEOs woman. Its a pity I dont have the luck."

Amidst the chatter, Lin Wanwan curved her lips sinisterly.

Good for you, Lu Zhanbei. If youre seeking your own death, then dont blame me for being ruthless!

After ending work, Lin Wanwan drove to Global Building.

When she appeared in the main hall fully-dressed like a terrorist, the security guards immediately had their eyes on her.

"Im looking for your CEO. Where is he right now?"

"The CEOs in the meeting room. May I check if you have a prior appointment with him?" the receptionist asked politely.

Lin Wanwan didnt answer her and headed in on her own. She couldnt possibly say that she was looking for her CEO to condemn him, right?

The two security guards saw that Lin Wanwan wasnt cooperating and deemed her as a troublemaker. They planned to throw her out forcibly.

Lin Wanwan was agile in her movements and avoided the two of them. She got into the lift.

Before the other party could rush in, she pressed the number, leaving the security guards wide-eyed. They immediately contacted backup.

This was the first time Lin Wanwan came to Global Building. She wasnt familiar with the surroundings. She found a closed meeting room after a while.

She pushed open the door tentatively. Before she could do so fully, noisy footsteps could be heard from the other end of the corridor.

"Its that woman! Get her quickly!"

Lin Wanwan couldnt care about anything else and she gave a flying kick.

Regardless of whether Lu Zhanbei was inside, she would hide there first.


Following a loud bang, the door was kicked open.

A department manager who was standing on stage introducing a new product was so frightened that he trembled.

The other management executives were shocked as well. They looked at Lin Wanwan, who was tightly wrapped and had broken in. They started their whisperings, confused.

Lin Wanwan saw that everyone had a serious look on their faces and felt a little embarrassed.

"Get her!"

The security guards arrived. They sandwiched Lin Wanwan in the middle and held her shoulders.

A man who looked like the leader explained in fear, "CEO, this Miss insisted on barging in"

Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting in the center, raised his eyebrow. He looked at her and asked, "Why are you here?"

The CEO knew this woman

The management executives looked at one another and expressed shock. They were thinking in their hearts that even if they really knew each other, based on the CEOs temper, he would definitely not let her go so easily.


Lu Zhanbei was unhappy and Lin Wanwan became angrier. With everyones strange gazes at her, she shouted in a louder voice:

"Lu Zhanbei, are you still playing the fool right now? You have the capability to two-time but not the courage to admit it? Hah. A coward."

After she finished speaking, she felt a little regretful. She had forgotten to leave him some face in front of his employees.

Everyone stared at her wide-eyed, as if they had seen a ghost.

They didnt hear her wrongly, right? This woman actually dared to call CEO Lu a coward?

Did she find that she was leading too long a life?!

Feng Xiaowei was standing behind Lu Zhanbei. The way she looked at Lu Zhanbei was as if she was hiding a trace of expectation.

She was looking forward to the two of them having a confrontation.

Just when everyone thought that Lu Zhanbei was going to flare up, he smiled lightly and hooked his finger at Lin Wanwan.

"Come here."