Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 785

Chapter 785 This Is My Girlfriend. The Getting Married Kind Of Girlfriend

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What was this situation

Everyones eyeballs were about to fall out. They didnt expect the CEO, who was always decisive, to have such a gentle side. Had they transmigrated or had the CEO been possessed?!

Also, what exactly was the relationship between this woman and him?

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. Although she had intended to have a showdown with Lu Zhanbei, given that the occasion wasnt right, it was best for her to take her leave first.

Lu Zhanbei didnt give her this chance. Under everyones shocked gazes, he walked over and grabbed her wrist.

"Since you wont come to me, Ill have to come to you." As he said this, he swept his gaze over the security guards, who were looking at one another. "You may leave."

Lu Zhanbei dragged Lin Wanwan over.

He patted his thigh. "Take a seat?"

In front of a crowd, Lin Wanwan didnt dare to do something that lacked moral integrity. She laughed dryly. "No need. Please continue. Ill take my leave first"

"Theres no rush."

Lu Zhanbei didnt let go of her hand. Instead, he raised his eyebrow slyly.

"Based on your character, are you going to slam the table next? This desktop is quite sturdy and it may hurt if you slam it. Shall I find a cushion for you?"

Hearing him teasing her, Lin Wanwan was about to be suffocated to death.

She wasnt as unreasonable as Lu Zhanbei said.

Everyone else swallowed their saliva. Was this man with a cheerful countenance really their boss who, in their eyes, couldnt be offended?

Lu Zhanbei looked at everyone and his tone was calm. "Its good that youre here. In front of everyone, Ill explain this once and for all. I wont take the rap for two-timing."

Feng Xiaoweis face changed slightly.

Many people in Global had seen the exposed scandal between Lu Zhanbei and herself. They had secretly commented that they were a match made in heaven.

Even though she knew this wasnt true, she still felt sweetness in her heart when she heard these comments.

Now, Lu Zhanbei was going to destroy this temporary beautiful dream.

At this time, someone asked weakly, "CEO, this Miss is your girlfriend?"


His definite answer caused a commotion. After that, everyone looked at Feng Xiaowei unanimously.

There were pity, gloating, and disdain in their eyes.

After the "exposed relationship" between her and Lu Zhanbei, there had been people who asked her if this was true. She didnt answer, as if silently agreeing to it.

Feng Xiaowei was still looking calm. However, she was dying on the inside. Her self-respect, pride, and face were completely crushed.

She hadnt expected Lin Wanwan to come over to the meeting room and Lu Zhanbei to choose to clarify this in front of everyone.

"Feng Xiaoweis just a secretary. What happened previously was an accident. This is my girlfriend. The getting-married kind of girlfriend."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lu Zhanbei said, "Isnt that right, Lin Wanwan?"

Seeing that they were in public, she could only nod, swallowing humiliation.

The hardest thing in this world wasnt to fall into a hole by accident. It was when someone was blatantly digging a hole for you and you chose to be thick-skinned and jump into the hole.

Everyone was shocked again.

Lin Wanwan

It was that actress?!

The especially-privileged person didnt fancy Feng Xiaowei, who was of equal social standing as him, but, instead, actually chose a small-time celebrity?

Aside from the conjecture that the CEO was possessed, they could only find another explanation it was true love, no doubt.

Lu Zhanbei was satisfied. Lin Wanwan was afraid he would continue to dig a hole for her and hurriedly said, "I have mistaken you. Sorry to have disturbed. Ill get going now. Please continue."

Lu Zhanbei smiled and released her. "Wait for me in the lounge."

"Ok." Lin Wanwan fled.

Lu Zhanbei looked at everyone with ease and knocked on the table. "Lets continue."