Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Leaving Behind A Bright Lipstick Stain

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The door was closed and Feng Xiaoweis bitter look was cut off.


Work ability, looks, being thoroughly accomplished in the lyre, at playing chess, at calligraphy, and at painting

In order to be Lu Zhanbeis most perfect wife, she tried her best to upgrade herself. She was even willing to be like other ordinary women and learned cooking. She didnt care about her identity and was willing to be his secretary and fork out everything for him.

However, all of these were no match for Lin Wanwan, who was a good-for-nothing!

She had loved him for ten years. Such feelings were not something to be forgotten even if she wanted to.

Feng Xiaowei clenched her fists and hid all her hatred and protests beneath her calm appearance.

Lin Wanwan remembered what Lu Zhanbei had said just now and was very touched. She wrapped her arms around his neck and was about to give him a kiss when the man pushed her away in disdain.

"I dont want a mouth full of lipstick."

Lin Wanwan was in a rush to leave just now and had forgotten to remove her makeup. "You still dare to run? Do you think you would be able to?"

Once her temper rose, she pressed Lu Zhanbei down against the sofa. She sat on his thigh and kissed him.

Lu Zhanbei kept dodging her. Her red lips landed on his neck, leaving behind a bright lipstick stain.

"Haha." Lin Wanwan was happy and immediately took out her mobile. "Dont move. I want to take a photo as a memento."


Although Lu Zhanbei said words of disdain, he very naturally indulged her in her photo-taking.

The two of them left by car. In the car, Lin Wanwan reminded, "Lu Zhanbei, remember to give orders to your employees not to reveal our relationship."

"Dont worry. Ill continue to keep a low profile until we get married."

At the mention of marriage, Lin Wanwan recalled the hole he had previously dug. She laughed coldly and said, "Lu Zhanbei, go ahead and use all your imagination. Anyway, what you say doesnt count. If you want to get married to me, wait until I get an Oscar."

Lu Zhanbei said viciously, "Then I have no chance of getting married in this lifetime."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

In the blink of an eye, it was the awards ceremony for the Silver Deer Movie Festival.

In order for Lin Wanwan to make a killing on the red carpet where multiple celebrities gathered, Si Han snatched Lu Zhanbeis opportunity away to make her shine. He had invited a renowned international designer to customize a luxurious outfit for her half a year ago.

The light gold fabric was matched with a variety of gemstones. It was very eye-catching.

Lin Wanwan wasnt used to having such a high profile. However, Si Han said, "Youve been lacking attention recently. If youre on the news, it could be considered to be a promotional effort for the movie."

Lin Wanwan had already clinched the female lead role for that movie with a family theme two days ago.


Si Han sized up Lin Wanwan, who looked even more beautiful with the luxurious outfit on. He was very satisfied in his heart.

He only brought this one celebrity up in his lifetime. Of course he had to give her the best.

Thanks to Si Han, once Lin Wanwan appeared on the red carpet of the Silver Deer Movie Festival, a deafening cheer sounded.

"Balls so beautiful!"

"This outfit looks like it was designed by Aretha. Shes the most famous designer in Europe!"

"I only have those gemstones in my eyes. Look at the quality and how much it is worth. Who does she want to kill with envy?!"

Lin Wanwan didnt stay long on the red carpet. She left her signature on the signature board and quickly left.

Everyone was still excitedly talking about her and completely neglecting Luo Nanxi, who had just stepped on the red carpet.

It was Lin Wanwan again!

Luo Nanxi really felt the urge to tear her apart.

Lin Wanwan sat quietly on her own seat and chatted with Tan Zhiyue from time to time.

Everything was harmonious aside from Luo Nanxi casting her resentful stares now and again.