Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 788

Chapter 788 Damn It Damn It

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The recording started and awards were given out one after another.

Thanks to the movie "The Distance Just for You," Tan Zhiyue clinched the best director award while Luo Han once again clinched the most famous actor award.

As for Lin Wanwan, she also clinched the best supporting actress award.

It was a happy ending.

After it ended, the media released the notice immediately. News of Lin Wanwan and Luo Han accounted for the biggest proportion.

"Lin Wanwan debuted on the red carpet in a high-profile outfit, stunning the audience!"

"Lin Wanwan once again clinched the best supporting actress award. Her road to stardom is dazzling!"

Amidst the well-received news, an inconspicuous headline caught Lin Wanwans attention. She clicked in and laughed.

The content was simple. The general idea was that Luo Nanxi was not willing to take her failure lying down and left in anger. This caused her to fall from the stairs, causing her a severe fracture.

As Lin Wanwan had stolen the limelight, she was active on a lot of media outlets for a long time.

Aside from Luo Nanxi, who was full of hatred toward Lin Wanwan and had been constantly paying attention to her, Lin Siqing, who couldnt wait for Lin Wanwan to be dead, smashed her iPad ruthlessly upon seeing that shed become more and more eye-catching.

She couldnt tolerate the long wait at all. If it wasnt for Lin Wanxins suppression, she would have long taken action.

"Damn it, damn it!!!"

A crazy flame burned in Lin Siqings chest. After smashing everything that could be smashed in the bedroom, she calmed down slightly.

She went to Lin Wanxins bedroom. She was about to push open the door and enter when she heard Lin Wanxin updating Lin Wanwans situation in a respectful tone.

"In order to give Lin Wanwan a devastating blow, I need a point of entry."

Qi Junzes voice traveled over. He smiled and said, "I have something in my hands that can help you in your success."

He, who was far away in Country L, spun a thin card. His eyes were sinister-looking.

He had found this unintentionally in a drawer at the villa Tang Chen often lived in.

From the slightly worn edges of the card, one could tell that its owner had often played with it.

"What is it?"

"Ive sent someone to send it over to you. You will understand once you see it."

"Ok. Deliver it quickly to the Lin family, so as not to cause suspicion."

Qi Junze said plainly, "Luo Bin, Ive always placed high hopes on you. You wont disappoint me, right?"

"I promise to complete the mission!"

Lin Wanxin hung up the call, and the coldness and sternness on her face disappeared. She became that gentle and harmless girl from a respectable family again.

"Siqing, have you heard enough?"

Lin Siqing was shocked. She walked in with goosebumps up her scalp.

Perhaps it was because she had seen an unfamiliar cold side to Lin Wanxin, she actually developed a trace of fear toward this birth sister of hers. She also didnt dare to yell at her like before.

"Who were you talking to just now?"

"Thats none of your business." Seeing that she refused to comply, Lin Wanxin could not help but squint her eyes. "Whats wrong? You cant endure it again?"

Looking into her half-laughing eyes, Lin Siqing sensed danger and subconsciously shook her head. "No."

Lin Wanxin touched her head, treating her as if she was that poodle. "I have said enough of persuasive words and I dont want to waste my breath anymore. Endure it a while longer. It wont be for long."

She was young and tender, and her eyes were gentle. She was no different from an ordinary girl. However, Lin Siqing felt a strong sense of oppression and couldnt bring herself to retaliate.

"I know."

"Good girl. Get out."

The moment the door was shut, Lin Siqings expression became ferocious.

She asked her to endure again. However, she couldnt tolerate it any longer!

Lin Siqing grabbed her hand in irritation. When she thought of the conversation between Lin Wanxin and the mysterious person, she secretly made a decision.