Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Tang Chen Got Into A Car Accident

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The next day, as if waiting for something, Lin Siqing spent the entire day in the living room watching TV, which was unusual.

When the clock struck 12, the servant headed upstairs with a small box.

Lin Siqings eyes shone and she stopped her. "What are you holding in your hands?"

"The deliveryman sent it over. It must be something the Third Miss bought from the Internet."

Lin Siqings eyes shone immediately. Lin Wanxin never bought anything from the Internet. How could she have done online shopping?

"Give it to me. Ill pass it to her later."

"Ok." The servant didnt suspect her.

After the servant left, Lin Siqing ripped off the tape and found a small white card inside.

When she saw clearly the words on the card, she was puzzled at first. When she recovered herself, she revealed a smile.

She wanted to keep the card. However, she was worried Lin Wanxin would stop her. Thus, she took out her mobile and took a photo of the card before carefully putting it back in its original state.

"What are you doing?"

Lin Wanxins cold voice traveled down from upstairs. The hand Lin Siqing had placed on the box froze. She acted as if she didnt care and said, "Theres a delivery for you. I was about to head upstairs, so I thought to pass it to you as well."

"Dont touch my things." Lin Wanxin took away the box in her hands, turned around, and left.

"So be it. Who cares?"

Lin Siqing laughed coldly. She casually picked up the remote control by the side and switched channels.

Coincidentally, the entertainment news station was broadcasting news related to Lin Wanwan. When she saw this face, Lin Siqing gritted her teeth!

"This slut is deliberately trying to go against me!"

She was so furious that she wanted to switch channels. Just then, the image changed and started to broadcast the injured Luo Nanxis interview in the hospital.

Lin Siqing stopped moving and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

Everyone knew about the disagreement between Lin Wanwan and Luo Nanxi

Very good. She had an idea!

Lin Siqing showed a cruel smile on her face. "Lin Wanwan, you have ruined me. Im like a tortoise who cant go anywhere. This time, Im going to let you have a taste of the pain Ive suffered!"

Lin Wanwan entered the production studio of "A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain" punctually.

The male lead, Jiang Songyan, was a 52-year-old veteran actor. His acting was very sought-after by people of all ages, and he was an interesting person.

This was the first time Lin Wanwan was filming a movie with a family theme. Although her acting skills passed, she couldnt seem to grasp the emotions well.

"Cut!" the director shouted to stop the filming.

He looked at Lin Wanwan, who looked humble and ready to be guided, and scratched his hair. "There are no issues with your acting. I just feel that something is missing."

Jiang Songyan smiled and told them, "Her eyes are missing the affection a daughter has for a father, right?"

The director said, "Yes, yes, yes. Wanwan, your birth father is standing in front of you. You know in your heart that he loves you. So the way you look at him shouldnt contain only anger and dissatisfaction."

Lin Wanwan laughed bitterly. "Sorry."

For a daughter who had never experienced a fathers love before to interpret such a feeling, it was a little difficult.

Jiang Songyan patted her shoulder. "No worries. Were not in a rush. Lets continue after drinking some tea."

Both of them chatted for a while. Perhaps Jiang Songyans kindness made her relax. When they resumed filming, she could pass the scene, but barely.

During the lunch break, Lin Wanwan was having some desserts. Her mobile rang with a notification.

She opened it and saw that it was an unfamiliar number who had sent her a message.

"Lin Wanwan, Im Tang Chen. I got into a small car accident and cant use my mobile anymore. Im now at the Imperial Capital Hospital, room 502. Come over to accompany me. Youre not to reject!"