Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Lu Zhanbei Lost Control

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“You should be there.”

Lu Zhanbei’s voice sent Tan Zhiyue back to reality. He nodded and hurried away.

“Tan, you’re finally here!” An Qiao waved to him and asked, “Which scene do you want to see from Lin Wanwan?”

Tan Zhiyue’s eyes landed on her, and his voice when he answered sounded complicated, “The car accident, is that ok?”

Lin Wanwan was observing Tan Zhiyue too. She realized that her old friend seemed to have aged a lot in the past two years: white hair was growing on his sideburns.

“Sure.” Controlling the sorrow in her heart, she grinned.

“Get ready then.”


Acting in a car accident scene required skills. If the acting is too fake, even CGI won’t be able to save the scene.

However, if she tried too hard to be realistic, it might incur danger.

Lin Wanwan knew how to shoot a scene like this, but she couldn’t show it. She had no choice but to listen to the instructions again and again from the action director.

Finally, she stood on the designated spot and walked forward along a shady road.

In her hand was a branch of rose. She tore down the petals as she strolled.

Jin Yanran was a spy who used petals to create a path of morse code.

Not far away, her comrades secretly took down her message.

The ones who suspected her were trying to assassinate her.

An antique car approached her from behind, slowly picking up speed

When Jin Yanran finally realized its presence, it was too late to dodge it.

In that split second, she turned and gave her hidden comrade a beautiful smile.

Don’t save her.

The smile was loving and comforting, yet determined and absolute.

Sitting in the car, Lu Zhanbei subconsciously clenched his fist tight. His lips were pressed nervously together.

The moment the car hit Lin Wanwan, the hanging wire was contracted.

Her body flew like a stringless kite, then fell heavily onto the safety mat.


The scene was just like what happened two years ago. The images merged in Lu Zhanbei’s heart. He felt like he’d been bent out of shape; a suffocating sensation made him breathless.

As if he had lost his marbles, he jerked the door open and ran towards the scene. In full view of hundreds of pairs of shocked and confused eyes, he kneeled before Lin Wanwan and held her in his arms.


At that exact moment, Lin Wanwan bit open the blood pack hidden in her mouth and spat the viscous liquid all over Lu Zhanbei’s body.

Lu Zhanbei ignored the fact that he was covered in fake blood and tightened his grip on Lin Wanwan.

“Don’t leave me” His trembling voice and shivering body showed the deep fear in his heart.

Lin Wanwan was left baffled in his arms. It took her a while to get out of character.

“Lu Zhanbei?” The smell of tobacco helped her identify the person hugging her. But what was going on?

Lin Wanwan was just as confused as everyone else. She tried to pick herself up, but she couldn’t get out of Lu Zhanbei’s powerful grasp. All she could do was stare blankly at his pale face and blood-filled eyes.

He seemed so much in fear, so wretched.

Suddenly, Lin Wanwan’s heart trembled.

In her impression, Lu Zhanbei had forever been cold and calm. It was like he was born without emotions, always high and mighty, not allowing anyone to invade his territory.

She felt like this man wouldn’t even blink when the apocalypse hit.

However, right now

“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me please”

He mumbled on. Although Lin Wanwan did not know what was happening, she held onto his waist and said with a comforting voice, “Sure, I won’t leave.”