Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Luo Nanxis Death

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There was a photo below the text message.

Lin Wanwan opened it and saw that it was the "owe a favor" card she had given to Tang Chenpreviously1.

In the past, out of helplessness, she had owed Tang Chen a favor and, thus, wrote up the card to leave it as evidence.

Lin Wanwan suddenly developed a headache over her bad habit of issuing cards. Previously, she had already been played by Lu Zhanbei once after giving him the card with special demonic privilege. Hopefully, no accidents were to happen this time

Even if it wasnt on account of Tang Chen helping her so much back then, now that he got into a car accident, she should pay him a visit.

Seeing that she was still on break, Lin Wanwan drove to the hospital and came to room 502.

At the same time that she pushed open the door and entered, she raised her voice and teased, "Tang Chen, what a disaster. You"

The remaining words stopped abruptly as she saw an unexpected face.

Both of them looked at each other, and there were fireworks in the air.

"Luo Nanxi?"

"Lin Wanwan!"

Both of them had spoken at the same time. Compared to Lin Wanwan, whose face was inscrutable, Luo Nanxi, who was originally lying on the bed and playing with her mobile, changed her expression.

"Lin Wanwan, what are you doing here? Are you here to treat me as a joke? Get lost. I dont want to see you!"

Lin Wanwan looked at the woman with a leg hoisted high and was puzzled. "Are you the only one staying here?"

What situation was this? Did Tang Chen use that "owe a favor" card and pull an April Fools joke on her?

Luo Nanxi glared at her. "I dont need you to shed crocodile tears. You have caused me to be in such a pitiful state. Ill never let you off!"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. She leaned lazily against the wall and did look as if she was gloating.

"I dont take the rap for nothing. Youre right. Im here to see you as a joke. You look really pitiful. I want to applaud."

Luo Nanxi grabbed the vase on the bedside table and threw it over hard. "Slut, get lost quickly!"

If it wasnt that she couldnt get out of bed, she would definitely have ripped Lin Wanwans wicked mouth apart.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and avoided the vase agilely. She raised her hands in surrender. "Ok, ok. I wont bother myself with the old, the weak, the ill, and the disabled. I wish you a speedy recovery."

After throwing this sentence lazily, she turned around and left. She had gone quite a distance but could still hear Luo Nanxis curses.

Lin Wanwan, who had left the hospital, didnt know that as she left, there was a sneaky-looking man who pushed open the door to Luo Nanxis room.

Luo Nanxi was in a very bad mood. When she saw the unfamiliar man, she immediately frowned. "Who are you? Get out!"

The man revealed a sinister smile. He walked over quickly and used his hand, which was wearing a white glove, to cover Luo Nanxis mouth. He stared coldly as she struggled fiercely in the beginning, and then eventually quieted.

In the end, her eyes became lax and she was no longer breathing.

After confirming that Luo Nanxi was dead, the man left quickly.

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to call Tang Chen and ask him what was going on. However, her break time was over and she was pulled back to continue filming.

As the evening got closer, the filming was completed for all the scenes.

Before the next scene was set up, the actors and actresses had two days of holiday.

When Lin Wanwan came out from the washroom, she suddenly heard a shocked voice.

"Something big has happened!"

Lin Wanwan was indifferent at first. However, when she passed by the studio and realized that everyone, including the director, was glued to the TV, she could not help but feel curious and walk over.

On the screen, a female reporter stood at the hospital door and was doing a live report.

"Three hours ago, popular starlet Luo Nanxi was murdered at the Imperial Capital Hospital. The forensic investigator diagnosed that she died from suffocation. The murderers whereabouts are still unknown"