Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 791

Chapter 791 Lin Wanwan Arent You Going To Tell Me The Details Of Your Killing Quickly?

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Lin Wanwan couldnt listen to the words that followed. She was slightly shocked.

Luo Nanxi was dead

In the afternoon, when she left the hospital, Luo Nanxi was still well and alive. Why was she suddenly dead?

Hold on. Luo Nanxi died three hours ago. That timing was coincidentally the time she left the hospital!

Lin Wanwan became alert, but before she could internalize the details, there was suddenly a commotion outside the production studio.

Shortly after, the assistant director, who was sweating all over, ran in. A few policemen in uniforms and helmets followed behind.

"Director, these policemen insist on coming in. They even said Luo Nanxis murderer is in our production team!"

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked.

The people who were discussing Luo Nanxis death were looking at one another. Obviously, they were also trying to guess who the murderer was.

The next second, they saw the policemen walking toward Lin Wanwan. They took out the cold handcuffs.

"Ms. Lin, we suspect that you are related to Luo Nanxis murder case. Please leave with us to accept the investigation. If you dont cooperate, we have the right to enforce the law!"

These words were like a thunderous bomb and everyones faces changed.

"What situation is this? Why would Lin Wanwan be related to Luo Nanxis murder?"

"Everyone knows that the two of them dont get along well. Now that Luo Nanxis dead, its normal for the police to suspect her, right? Anyway, I dont believe Wanwan would kill anyone!"

"Hold on. Do you remember that Lin Wanwan went out in the afternoon?"

"Damn! Thats a very scary thought!"

The originally harmonious studio became a lively market.

Lin Wanwans face turned cold. She understood everything now.

The person who used the "owe a favor" card and lured her to the hospital was definitely not Tang Chen.

Even if Tang Chen really wanted to harm her, he wouldnt use such a method.

It was just that she couldnt understand who actually had the ability to obtain things from Tang Chen.

"Ms. Lin, do leave with us!" the policeman repeated in a harsher tone, seeing that she wasnt saying anything.

Lin Wanwan recovered herself. She swept her eyes over the silver handcuffs and gradually calmed down.

"Im willing to cooperate in this investigation. However, you dont have enough evidence that I killed Luo Nanxi, so keep those handcuffs away. I will not be threatened!"

After saying this, she strode away.

The policemen looked at one another. Then, they followed.

Even after theyd been gone for a long time, the discussions were still lingering.

This incident had blown up too much and it couldnt be hidden from the world.

Within half an hour, the news of Lin Wanwan being identified as a suspect by the police and being told to accept investigations at the police station became widespread.

Because of the conflict between the two, half the people agreed with the police and felt that the murderer was Lin Wanwan.

Another half felt that even if the two of them had some grudges, there wasnt a need for Lin Wanwan to take the risk and kill her.

Once Lin Wanwan entered the police station, she was brought into the interrogation room.

A policeman with a stern expression patted the table. "Lin Wanwan, arent you going to tell me the details of your killing quickly?"

She would never admit to something she hadnt done. Such a temperament couldnt influence Lin Wanwan at all.

"Dont scare me like that. Im still young, and Ill feel afraid."

Although she said such words, Lin Wanwan didnt display any fear on her face.

"Im very clear I didnt kill anyone. Theres nothing for me to explain."

Upon hearing this, the policeman frowned.

Lin Wanwan looked just like an ordinary woman. However, he felt that the situation was a little tricky.

"Police officer, since you have nothing to say, let me ask you something."

Lin Wanwans slender fingertips knocked on the table surface lightly, producing a rhythmic sound. "You suspect that Im related to this murder. What evidence do you have?"