Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Trying To Make Her Admit A Confession By Using Torture? Lets Wait And See

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The police officer replied, "During Luo Nanxis time of death, the surveillance camera captured you entering her room."

Lin Wanwan nodded. She had long expected this. Luo Nanxi was murdered not too long after she left.

"After I left, who else entered her room?"

"After you left, the surveillance camera was destroyed."

After the police officer answered, he seemed to have realized he had changed from being the interrogator to the person being interrogated. His face sank.

"Therell be more leniency if youre willing to be truthful now. If you continue to stubbornly resist, be careful of extra charges!"

Who was he trying to scare? Did he really think she was ignorant of the law?

After asking what she would like to know, Lin Wanwan no longer had the patience to continue talking to him.

"Lets talk after my lawyer is here."

After saying this, she closed her eyes to rest. Regardless of what the other party said, she ignored him.

The police officer was angry, but there was nothing he could do.

At this time, the door of the interrogation room was pushed open. "Come out for a while."

The interrogator walked out and saw the minister smoking outside. He was shocked.

"What instructions does the minister have for me?"

The minister said in a suppressed voice, "There are no two ways about Lin Wanwan killing Luo Nanxi. Theres no need to go to the trouble of interrogating her. I dont care how, but in short, let Lin Wanwan plead guilty as fast as possible. The husband of the deceased, Minister Xu, is very anxious."

The police officers eyes shone. He nodded. "I know what to do."

He entered the interrogation room again and locked the door.

Lin Wanwan lay spinelessly on the table, thinking of a solution.

With a click, the hands she placed on the table were handcuffed.

"What do you want to do?"

The police officer was long since unhappy about Lin Wanwans attitude. He smiled coldly and picked up another pair of handcuffs, planning to secure her feet to the chair.

However, before he could touch her, the young girl with her hands cuffed had already left the chair. Her smile was cold.

The police officer was angered by this smile. His eyes shone fiercely, and he raised his hand and grabbed Lin Wanwans hair.


Lin Wanwan didnt expect that he would make a move. Unexpectedly, her face was pressed against the table and her cheeks hurt.

"Be more honest! To deal with a crazy murderer like you, I dont mind using drastic means!"


As he said this, the back of her head suffered a slap.

After realizing that shed been hit, she was furious.

Lu Zhanbei didnt even dare to let her drop a strand of hair. This a*shole actually hit her?

Trying to make her admit a confession by using torture? Lets wait and see!

Lin Wanwan kicked the other partys calf. Seeing that he was hurting, she stood up straight, quickly removed her high heels and raised her hand.

With a crisp sound, the high heels accurately hit the camera above them in the corner.

"You dare to attack the police? Look how Ill deal with you!"

He made little of the weak woman with her hands tied. He rushed toward Lin Wanwan angrily.

Lin Wanwan looked at him. Her lips curved into a sweet smile, much like a devils.

After waiting for a long time outside the interrogation room, the minister didnt receive any news.

He knocked on the door and asked in irritation, "Still not done yet?"

Wasnt it just making a powerless woman confess? He had actually used such a long period of time.

The interrogation room was scarily quiet.

Just when the minister planned to forcibly break open the door with his men, a panicked voice could be heard suddenly.

"Who are you?!"

Upon hearing this, the minister was about to flare up. However, he saw the man who was walking over quickly not too far away.