Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Grandmother Heroine Lin

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Under the accompaniment of Gu Mo and other men, a certain man with a shocking temperament coupled with that cold face could make anyone shiver with one look.

"Mr. Lu?!"

The minister who had dealt with Lu Zhanbei twice immediately recognized his identity. As he was wondering why this big shot was here, he signaled his subordinates to retreat.

"Mr. Lu has graced us with his presence, but what"

Lu Zhanbei didnt even look at him. He swept his eyes coldly, and his gaze landed on the tightly-shut door of the interrogation room.

He lifted his long leg and kicked it open.


The door opened in response.

When the minister saw the scene in the interrogation room, his eyes widened in disbelief.

The police officer who tried to make her give a confession through torture was tied to the chair with a table rag stuffed in his mouth.

He was obviously not hurt one bit. However, he had a distorted expression of pain on his face. His whole body trembled, and tears and mucus filled his face. He looked extremely pitiful.

It was unknown where the culprit had managed to find a box of building blocks. She was building a house with great interest.

This scene melted the frost in Lu Zhanbeis eyes.

After all, she was a man-eating, night-blooming cereus. Anyone who dared to bully her was simply complaining that his or her life was too long.

"What, what is going on?"

The ministers voice pulled back Lin Wanwans thoughts. She looked at Lu Zhanbei. Then, following their gazes, she looked at that pitiful police officer. She touched her nose in embarrassment, then walked over and removed the rag from the police officers mouth.

"Actually, I didnt do anything"

She had not yet finished speaking when a heartbreaking scream interrupted her.

"Grandmother, heroine Lin, I dare not lay a hand on you anymore. Please spare me this once. Ill salute you as a real man!"

"" Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She could not wait to beat him up again.

She was trained, oh no, taught, by Mo Jiushang personally. She naturally knew the spots that would hurt more and the spots where bruises wouldnt appear.

Lu Zhanbei heard the words "lay a hand" and the way he looked at the minister was filled with murderous intent.

"Minister Sun, you have first captured an innocent citizen, then tried to force her to confess using violent means. Do you know what the consequences are for committing a crime knowingly?"

The minister broke out in a cold sweat. Even if he was a fool, he knew that Lu Zhanbeis and Lin Wanwans relationship was extraordinary.

"Mr. Lu, sorry. I"

Lu Zhanbei raised his hand to cut him off. He threw Lin Wanwan a look. "Leave with me."

The minister lowered his head and didnt dare say anything.

However, Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Lu Zhanbei, I cant leave."


"This is a conspiracy against me. If I cant find ways to prove that Im innocent, people will still talk about this fervently after you bring me away. How can I survive in the entertainment circle in the future? So, now we have to find evidence that Im not the murderer."

Lu Zhanbei raised his handsome eyebrows.

Although he didnt want Lin Wanwan to stay here, he had to admit that she was speaking the truth.

"Ok." He looked at the minister, who was trembling with fear. "I think you know what to do."

"Understood, understood!"

Lu Zhanbei pinched Lin Wanwans hand. "Wait for me."

He left quickly.

At the same time, a storm was brewing on the Internet once again.

Luo Nanxis husband was certain that Lin Wanwan was the murderer. Without heeding the polices advice, he uploaded the surveillance video of her entering Luo Nanxis room to the Internet, causing a commotion.

After certain people added fuel to the flames, more and more people began to believe that this was the truth.

Lu Zhanbei ignored these discussions and got Gu Mo to collect the surveillance recordings in the hospital for the entire day.