Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Once I Made A Move I Forced Her To A Desperate Situation

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Even if the recording was deleted, it could easily be restored with Lu Zhanbeis top-notch hacking skills.

However, the camera was destroyed. The footage of Lin Wanwan leaving the hospital afterward was not captured at all.

Gu Mo looked at Lu Zhanbei, whose face had sunk, and suggested, "Sir, we can hire the most professional criminal investigation experts to carry out a detailed examination of Luo Nanxis room. However, this might take a while."

At this time, Mo Jiushang, who rarely made an appearance, said suddenly, "Why go to that trouble?"

His eyes opened into a slit. A glimmer of dark light could be seen from his good-looking eyes. He said lazily, "That Luo something. She passed away between 12:30 pm to 1 pm. We just have to find the person who has been to the fifth floor during this period."

To an ordinary person, such a method was equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

However, given Mo Jiushangs capabilities, it wasnt too difficult for him.

Lu Zhanbei said, "Lets do what Jiushang said."

Lin Siqings plan had succeeded. Seeing that the news of Lin Wanwan being captured was all over the Internet, she could not help but laugh out loud.

"Lin Wanwan, you have days like this too!"

Even if there wasnt enough evidence to prove that Lin Wanwan murdered someone, as long as she didnt wash away the suspicion for a day, she would always bear the crime of murder. She didnt need to think about making it big in this lifetime!

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Lin Siqing, who was laughing, was shocked. She turned and saw Lin Wanxin, whose face was cold.

"What are you doing here?"

Lin Wanxin walked over step by step. "Were you the one behind Lin Wanwan being caught?"

"So what if I was?!"

Lin Siqing admitted that a sense of superiority rose in her heart. She said happily, "To think that I thought you were smart in the past. Who knew you only knew how to wait and be tolerant? Once I made a move, I forced her to a desperate situation!"

Lin Wanxin squinted her eyes dangerously. "How did you do that?"

Lin Siqing said the truth.


Without any warning, Lin Wanxin gave her a slap.


Lin Siqing touched her burning cheek. "Lin Wanxin, you dare to hit me?"

It was rare to see Lin Wanxins face so sinister-looking.

In the Imperial Capital, which was Lu Zhanbeis turf, it was indeed too difficult to find a flaw that would deal Lin Wanwan a deadly blow.

It wasnt easy for her to find a chance. She didnt have enough time to conceptualize a detailed plan because Lin Siqing had completely ruined the chance!

"Lin Wanxin, Im your birth sister. You actually dare to hit me!"

Lin Siqing pounced over like a madwoman. She was about to hit Lin Wanxin when the latter pinned Lin Siqings hands behind her back in easy moves.

"Time is running out. Ill send you away from Xia country immediately!"

She wouldnt make it if it was too late.

"I dont"

Lin Siqing struggled but was dragged into the car by the two bodyguards Lin Wanxin called over in the end.

After a night of investigation, Lu Zhanbei finally found the suspect from a long list.

Gu Mo took out a photo and placed it on the table. "According to the eyewitnesses, this man entered the fifth floor after Ms. Lin left the hospital. Hes the greatest suspect."

Lu Zhanbei looked at the ordinary-looking man on the photo. He tapped Mo Jiushangs shoulder casually.

"Ill hand it over to you."

Mo Jiushang squinted his eyes lazily. His pale and sickly slender fingers leaped fast on the computer keyboard.

He clicked on the cursor and all the surveillance camera material near the Imperial Capital Hospital was transferred over.

Lu Zhanbei pointed at a certain region. "Here."

Mo Jiushang enlarged the recording.

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The suspect could be seen to be in a remote alley, as if waiting for someone.

Within a few minutes, Lin Siqing, who didnt put on any form of disguise, walked over.

Perhaps she didnt think that anyone would find her out. She openly gave the man a sum of money and told him to leave Xia country.

It was clear at once who the murderer and the mastermind was.

Lu Zhanbei was decisive. "Gu Mo, go and find out their whereabouts now."


Gu Mo retreated quickly. Within an hour, he received information.

"Sir, that man has already escaped to Country N. Lin Siqing just got on a flight today and left Xia country. Shes hiding in Sverdlovsk Oblast. The specific location needs to be checked again."

Lu Zhanbei thought to himself for a while. "Well split ways. Gu Mo, go and catch that murderer. Ill go with Jiushang to find Lin Siqing."

This matter concerned Lin Wanwan. He needed to make this trip personally.

Half an hour later, they were on board separate private jets on different routes.

In a suburban bungalow in Country N, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Lin Siqing, who was detained here, had no cash. Even her passport had been taken away by Lin Wanxin.

In order to prevent her from running around, Lin Wanxin even shut off all the exits. She was like a prisoner in a cell now.

After Lin Siqing cursed and swore, she gradually calmed down.

She initially wanted to watch TV to kill time. However, there wasnt any signal.


Lin Siqing wanted to scold someone again. Just then, a twisting sound of the door lock could be heard.

"Whos there?"

Under the bright light, Lin Wanxin walked over quickly in a tight-fitting black outfit. There wasnt any gentle smile on her face, and her delicate eyebrows were cold.

Lin Siqing first heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she stomped over angrily. "Lin Wanxin, I dont want to stay here anymore. Send me back to the country immediately. If not, I wont spare you. I did things in such a secretive manner. Its impossible they would trace anything to me!"

Lin Wanxin looked at the stupid woman who was still talking big and her eyes flashed.

A stupid woman like her would only hold her back.

But, this was her birth sister

"Hey. Did you hear me?"

Lin Wanxin recovered herself. Her smile became gentle.

With the advantage of her height, she took her sisters shoulders and led her to the sofa.

"I was in the wrong. Wait for a while more. Well return to the country together."

Lin Siqing sat on the sofa and gave her a satisfied look. "At least youre still sensible. I"

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her neck. Her head was twisted 180-degrees.

Lin Siqings body twitched subconsciously. Her confused eyes were befuddled. Before she died, the last thing she saw was Lin Wanxins expressionless face.

Lin Wanxin loosened the grip that was holding her head. She looked almost cruel.

"Im sorry."


Lin Siqing fell to the ground and her eyes, which showed that she didnt die in peace, were fixed to the ceiling.

She stopped breathing while feeling the shock and puzzlement of being murdered by her own birth sister.

Lin Wanxin used her gloved hands to close Lin Siqings wide-open eyes.

Lin Siqing didnt understand how powerful Lu Zhanbei was. It was only a matter of time before she was found out.

And she knew too much of her own secrets. Given her timid nature, she would definitely spill the beans.

"Siqing, as compensation, Ill send Lin Wanwan to hell to accompany you."

Lin Wanxin turned around and left without any reluctance.

An hour later, a few black cars stopped in front of the house. The bodyguards got off and cordoned the surroundings in tacit understanding.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the widely-open door and his gaze darkened slightly. "We are too late."