Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 796

Chapter 796 What A Bumper Harvest

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He walked in and saw a pitiful-looking Lin Siqing.

A bodyguard walked over and tested her breathing. After checking for a while, he reported, "Sir, she died of a broken neck. The person broke her neck in an instant."

Actually, before Lu Zhanbei came over, he already had a hunch that this would be a futile trip.

Lin Siqings abilities were not sufficient to complete the plan of harming Lin Wanwan. She must have had a helping hand.

Now that Lin Siqing was exposed, it was normal for her to be murdered.

"Lets go."

A row of people retreated. When they got down the stairs, Lu Zhanbei looked up.

"Jiushang, come down."

It was unknown since when Mo Jiushang had been lying on top of the roof. He straightened his pair of long legs. The sinister and cold environment couldnt hide his lazy temperament.

He supported himself with one hand on the wall. His long body was like that of a cheetah preying in the night, and every move was full of wild beauty.

From along the thick and long water pipes, he landed gently on the ground. "Theres nothing suspicious. We are here extraordinarily late."

The two of them didnt stay any longer. When they flew back to Xia country, it was already afternoon.

Although Lu Zhanbei made a wasted trip, thankfully, Gu Mo successfully captured the murderer. He immediately brought him to the police station.

It was still that interrogation room and that police officer who was in charge of interrogating.

The simple interrogation room was already set up as a comfortable bedroom. Even a TV had been installed.

Lin Wanwan sat cross-legged on the bed. There was an automatic mahjong machine in front of her. As the policeman discarded a tile from a character suit fearfully, she pushed all the tiles in front of her onto the table.

"Ive won with all Pongs. Each of you is to pay me three hundred. Here, here, here."

"" The minister, who was called over to make up the numbers, resigned himself to fate and dug his pockets.

After counting the banknotes, Lin Wanwan said, "Continue."

The minister raised his hand bravely. "Ms. Lin, it has already been a day and a night. Can you let me rest for a while?"

The crucial thing was, she had been winning practically the entire time.

If this continued, regardless of how rich his family was, he wouldnt be able to support this.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

"Lets have four final rounds."

" Ok."

The minister thought of Lu Zhanbei and could only continue playing with a mournful look on his face.

Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan counted the hundred-dollar banknotes. She had won exactly 80,000 yuan, of which 60,000 was contributed by the minister.

"What a bumper harvest!"

It was unknown how long Lu Zhanbei had been watching by the door. He raised his eyebrows lightly. "It looks like youre having a good time."

Upon hearing his voice, the minister was about to cry. He looked at Lin Wanwan as if he couldnt wait to send her, a god of plague, away.

"Mr. Lu, I believe Ms. Lin isnt the murderer. Please bring her away quickly!"

Lu Zhanbeis lips twitched slightly. He clapped his hands. Gu Mo held that man and walked over.

"Ive already caught the murderer. Interrogate him as soon as possible."

"Sure, sure, sure!" the minister promised immediately. He looked at the police officer who was seated next to him watching the game but, in actuality, had been called over to protect himself.

"Nan Dui, youre in charge of interrogating him."


Nan Dui was about to leave when Lin Wanwan called him. "Wait up."

Under his puzzled gaze, Lin Wanwan stuffed the thick pile of banknotes into his hands.

"These are for you. Ive seen your cry for help at the Public Welfare WeChat. Youre trying to raise funds as your daughter has leukemia and you dont have enough money to treat her. Youre a hero with countless medals. I dont want to see a real policeman like you upset. Keep these. If theyre not enough, come and find me."

Nan Dui was stunned.