Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Youre Not To Be A Hooligan Without My Permission

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"Your daughter will recover. Dont give up!" Lin Wanwan patted his shoulders and walked out of the interrogation room.

Looking at her back view, Nan Dui, who had a fierce-looking face, bowed deeply. "Thank you."

This man believed in bloodshed but not tears. However, his eyes were slightly red and even his hands were shaking.

Lin Wanwan turned around and waved at him. Then, she strode away.

Lu Zhanbeis thin and cool lips curved up slowly. He looked at Gu Mo.

He wasnt a good person. However, if she was happy, he was willing to be a good person.

"Sir, I understand."

Gu Mo signaled an "Ok" and sighed at his good luck.

His Sir looked like he was easy to talk to, but in actuality, he was a cold-blooded demonic king.

Lin Wanwan looked like she had many thorns on the surface but was actually warm and kind-hearted.

These two people with such different personalities could actually come together. Perhaps this was destined.

Nan Dui didnt spend much effort to obtain all the truth from the man. He was still feeling puzzled.

This murderers psychological quality was so low. Without waiting for him to ask anything, he had already told the truth.

Gu Mo, who was looking at the whole process, knew it clearly in his heart. Before they came over, Mo Jiushang had already interrogated him once. Regardless of how good he was, he couldnt defeat Pervert Mo.

The suspicions about Lin Wanwan were washed off. She left the police station together with Lu Zhanbei.

After getting on the car, Lu Zhanbei reported the ministers acts of bribery to the higher management. He even shared with them his orders to his subordinates to force confessions out using violent means.

Such garbage was not worthy to serve the masses.

The first thing Lin Wanwan did after returning to Yun Mansion was to take a shower.

She forgot to lock the door. Lu Zhanbei walked in in a grand manner.

Lin Wanwan soaked herself in the jacuzzi. When she heard him talk about the investigation, she asked in puzzlement, "How did Lin Siqing get the owe a favor card from Tang Chen?"

"Youll have to ask him this."

Lin Wanawn decided to ask Tang Chen later on. "Whos the mastermind behind Lin Siqing, then?"

"Take a guess."

"Why dont you guess if youll be sleeping on the bed or on the floor later?"

"" Lu Zhanbei changed his words sensibly. "Ill let you know after I find out."

Lin Siqings death meant that all the clues had come to a dead end.

After taking a shower, Lin Wanwan was about to chase Lu Zhanbei out when he walked over with a bathrobe in his hands.

"To make up for the language mistakes I made just now, Ill help you put it on."

Trying to take advantage of her in all seriousness.

"Thanks. Theres no need to."

Lu Zhanbei didnt accept such a refusal. He directly lifted Lin Wanwan out from the bathtub and used the bathrobe to cover her naked body. He didnt take a side glance during the whole process and abided by the rules.

This shocked Lin Wanwan for a while. "You didnt have your medicine today? It isnt like you to behave in all seriousness."

"How should I be behaving, then?"

"Ah you would touch and kiss me when you help me wear the bathrobe. When I couldnt hold back anymore, you would seize the opportunity and tell me lets do it once.’"

"So it turned out you wish for me to do so."

Lu Zhanbei cast a meaningful glance at her. Then, he pressed her against the clean bathroom wall and quickly removed the bathrobe, which was in the way.

"I dont mind helping you wear it once more."


According to what Lin Wanwan said, Lu Zhanbei touched her first, then kissed her until her eyes were confused. She wrapped her legs weakly around him, her body trembling slightly.

"Lets do it once."


Lin Wanwan recovered herself and pushed him away fiercely. She took a clean towel to wrap herself with.

"If you continue to be a hooligan without my permission, Ill move back to the condominium and stay there."

These words of threat successfully made Lu Zhanbei stop.

Lin Wanwan got on the bed and took out her mobile. She called Tang Chen.