Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Tang Chen Flared Up

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The call was connected after a ring. Tang Chen was his usual casual self. "Dear, you would actually take the initiative to call me. Im a bit overwhelmed by the flattery."

Lin Wanwan went straight to the point and asked, "Where are you right now?"

Her stern voice made Tang Chen stop. "I just returned."

"Is the owe a favor card I gave you back then still with you?"

"Yes. After all, thats the love token you gave me. How would I dare to lose it?"

As Tang Chen said this casually, he pushed open the bedroom door and pulled open the drawer by the bed. He realized that the box that held that card was actually missing.

His face sank immediately. He thought of Lin Wanwans question and asked, "That owe me a favor card has been used?"

"What do you think? How else would I have known?"

"I have something to attend to right now. Ill give you an explanation later."

After saying this, he hung up the call.

Qi Junze was here before to take a document. He must have taken the opportunity to enter his room.

Tang Chen immediately contacted Qi Junze. However, his mobile was already switched off.

"Heh." He slowly tightened his hold on the mobile and called Tang Qiang in.

"Pass down my orders to stop all transactions with Qi Junze. Gather all our people back immediately. Bring back whatever that can be brought back. For those that cant be brought back, blow them up. Not even one strand of hair is allowed to stay!"

Tang Qiang could feel the anger beneath his calm surface and couldnt help but shiver.

"Ill do so immediately!"

Tang Chen threw up the slightly deformed mobile from time to time. His eyebrows were like frost.

In order to get Lin Wanwan, he didnt mind asking a tiger for its skin. However, for her safety, he could also throw away all concerns.

After a long while, he seemed to have made up his mind and sent a message over.

"Be careful of Qi Junze."

Ding Dong. Lin Wanwan opened the short message and saw those five words. She touched her chin.

"Could it be that the person behind Lin Siqing was Qi Junze?"


Qi Junze must have been the one who took the "owe a favor" card. However, he might not have cooperated with that fool, Lin Siqing.

Thus, it was possible that there was another link between them.

That Tang Chen would remind them to be careful of Qi Junze meant that the working relationship between the two was already broken.

That was good as well. After all, Tang Chen had helped Lu Zhanbei before. Unless it was as a last resort, he didnt want to kill him either.

Lu Zhanbei saw that Lin Wanwan was frowning and seemed to be in deep thoughts. He reached out and patted her head.

"Hand over Qi Junzes matter to me. If you have a lot of energy left in you and cant sleep, I can help you do something else."

Lin Wanwan immediately closed her eyes. "Good night!"

In the capital of Country L, Qi Junze was having a conversation with his most capable female hand in a European-style castle.

"Luo Bin, how do you do your work?! I handed the thing over to you, hoping you can use it to capture Lin Wanwan or cause a devastating blow to her. In the end?"

The most crucial thing was that Tang Chen was extremely angry at him.

Without Tang Chens support, many of his plans could only be forced to come to a standstill.

Furthermore, Tang Chen would never forgive him again

A trace of rare exasperation could be detected from Qi Junzes tone. Although Lin Wanxins heart tightened, she wasnt panicking.

"Im sorry, but dont worry. I have a more perfect idea to deal with Lin Wanwan."

When he heard this, Qi Junzes tone gradually softened. "Tell me more. I cant have no returns at all."

Lin Wanxin shared her plan in detail.

After he listened to it, a trace of appreciation flashed past Qi Junzes eyes. "The ideas not bad. You can start implementing it. Luo Bin, you must not let me down again this time."