Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 8

Chapter 8 I Did It Deliberately So Come At Me

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After calming down, she gave the servant a warning look and said softly, “It’s like this, Wanwan was disobedient”

Of course, Lin Wanwan was not going to let her continue her words.

Besides increasing Tao Xinyue’s unhappiness, the reason why she had created such a scene was mainly because Lin Qinghao was back, and she wanted to get his attention.

In terms of acting skills, she Lin Wanwan was not afraid of anyone!


She lifted her head and looked at Lin Qinghao, who was also the original owner’s father.

He had bushy eyebrows and a pair of big eyes, and he could be considered one of the more handsome men of his generation.

“Wanwan is very obedient, and knows a lot of things, like washing clothes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet Wanwan doesn’t eat much as well. Father, please don’t hit me”

The seventeen-year-old girl was slim and slender, and she looked pitiful curled up in a ball.

The way that that pair of crystal clear eyes looked carefully at him made Lin Qinghao’s heart soften.

When he realized the servants were carrying feather dusters and bats, his expression immediately changed.

It was true that he did not like this foolish daughter. That did not mean that he was willing to let the servants bully his own flesh and blood!

“How dare you! Regardless of what Wanwan did, she is still the second daughter of the Lin family. You dare to hit her? Are you tired of living? Do you want to be fired?”

“Master” Some faces turned white; they shot Tao Xinyue a pleading look.

Tao Xinyue could see that Lin Qinghao was really angry. How would she dare to plea on behalf of the servants?

Lin Qinghao ordered, “Housekeeper, come here! Chase away these people and send them to the police station to be locked up!”

“Master, no!” Some of them were petrified.

In the Imperial Capital, the Lin family had powerful influence. One word from Lin Qinghao and they could all easily be locked in jail for three to five years.

“We dare not do this again! Missus, please help us to say something! Second Miss, Second Miss”

Tears streamed down their cheeks. Two of them even knelt down.

Lin Wanwan gave a cold smile. The authority to forgive them belonged to the original owner.

She was already showing mercy by not sending them to their deathbed to meet the original owner.

“Chase them out!”

Although some were unwilling, they were eventually all led out of the house by the housekeeper.

Noticing that Lin Qinghao was looking at her, Lin Wanwan shot him an obedient smile. Without the foolishness before, she was like a six- to seven-year-old kid who could easily soften someone’s heart.

“Father’s the best~”

Lin Qinghao’s face softened. It was rare that he took the initiative to say, “Come and tell me if someone bullies you in the future.”

“Qinghao!” Tao Xinyue was not willing to take this lying down and prepared to exaggerate things.

“Thank you, Father.”

Lin Wanwan used a pure and innocent smile to attract Lin Qinghao’s attention once again. She did not forget to give Tao Xinyue a look and said, “Only Father treats Wanwan the best at home!”

This little slut

Tao Xinyue was momentarily embarrassed.

Seeing Lin Wanwan’s smiling face, Lin Qinghao could not bear to be heartless. He warmly said, “It’s not early anymore, go and rest.”

“Yes, yes!” Lin Wanwan obediently walked up the stairs.

Looking at her back, Tao Xinyue frowned.

She was not sure if it was an illusion. Although Lin Wanwan was still a fool, she did not seem to be as irritating as before.

She actually dared to initiate a conversation with Lin Qinghao. And that cup of tea that spilled over her

Although what she did today seemed crazy, the results created were very beneficial to her.

Was this just a coincidence? Or was it intentional?

Suddenly, Lin Wanwan turned and looked at her.

Their gazes met. In that one moment, Tao Xinyue thought she saw her smile.

As if to say she did it deliberately, so come at her