Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Sorry I Lost Control

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“Mr. Lu!” Tan Zhiyue hastened over, looking at Lu Zhanbei who wouldn’t let go of Lin Wanwan. His eyes teared up. “She is not her.”

An Qiao, who had approached, scratched his head in confusion. ‘What does that mean?

Lu Zhanbei’s body jerked, and he came back from the borderland between sanity and insanity.

Blinking his eyes with all his strength, he finally realized that it was Lin Wanwan who was in front of him, looking at him doubtfully.

She is not her.

He took a deep breath and stood up. “Sorry, I lost control of myself.”

In a split second, his surging eyes restored their calm and became distant as usual. It was as if the pain and horror were just illusions.

Lin Wanwan glanced at his lightly trembling fingers and quietly picked herself up. She was impressed by how he could change his expression that fast.

Lu Zhanbei called softly without looking at her, “Director Tan.”

“Yes, Mr. Lu?”

“She’s the one.”

Lu Zhanbei marched away, leaving his words lingering in the air.

Tan Zhiyue understood that those words were Lu Zhanbei’s approval of Lin Wanwan.

It was not until Lu Zhanbei had gotten onto the car did An Qiao start firing questions like a cannon.

“Tan, was that the sponsor of the movie? He can’t be interested in Lin Wanwan, right? Let me make this clear: although this girl is a little stupid, I will not allow anyone to take her to the casting couch!”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. She wouldn’t mind it, but it didn’t seem like Lu Zhanbei will ever put her on the casting couch.

Tan Zhiyue did not mock An Qiao, and neither did he introduce Lu Zhanbei to him.

“Quit worrying, Mr. Lu was just”

Tan Zhiyue knew that the sight had struck a chord in his heart.

Or perhaps he cared about Lin Xiao more than he could imagine. Just a similar scenario could bring Lu Zhanbei to a delirious stance.

An Qiao didn’t quit asking, “He was just?”

Tan Zhiyue didn’t answer his question. He turned to Lin Wanwan, regret and fulfillment flashing through his eyes, and in the end, he gave a smile of relief.

“Lin Wanwan, right? You are better than I expected. The role is yours. I’ll inform you of the dates of filming after I finish my preparation.”

Lin Wanwan beamed back. “Alright. Thank you Director Tan.”

She almost called the nickname that she’d given him in her past life sauerkraut noodles.

Lin Wanwan returned to the studio to change into her casual outfit. An Qiao was about to say something, but Tan Zhiyue made him swallow his words.

“Pretend like you didn’t see anything today. Also, just in case anything goes wrong, don’t make public the news of Lin Wanwan joining the cast.”

“Ok.” An Qiao understood Tan Zhiyue’s considerations. The earlier the news gets out, the more trouble it would bring.

When Lin Wanwan finished changing, An Qiao had already left. Tan Zhiyue came up to her. “I’ll get someone to send you back to school.”

Lin Wanwan raised her brows. She looked at Lu Zhanbei’s car and answered, “It’s alright. I can get a ride from Lu Zhanbei.”

Tan Zhiyue’s eyes widened, and he sounded bewildered when he asked, “What did you call Mr. Lu?”

“Lu Zhanbei.” Lin Wanwan looked innocent as usual.

“Does he allow you to call him by his name?”

“I don’t remember him denying it”

Looking at Tan Zhiyue’s shocked expression, Lin Wanwan blinked at him. “What’s the issue?”

“Nothing. It just feels like it’s rude to call the king by his name.”

Lin Wanwan pouted. “I think I’ll leave now.”

Tan Zhiyue still had questions in his mind, but he decided to leave them for next time. He let her go after exchanging numbers with her.

“Don’t worry about the filming for now. Focus on An Qiao’s movie production first.”


Lin Wanwan waved him goodbye and walked up to the black RV. Pulling the door open, she hopped in quickly like a little bunny.