Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Fu Zhinians Crisis 1

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Suddenly, Xu Tian raised his fists and was about to hit her.

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to avoid him, the owner of a large and bony palm reached over and firmly held Xu Tians wrist. He twisted it with force and, with a crisp sound, he fell pitifully to the ground.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She subconsciously tilted her head and saw that cold face.

"Fu Zhinian."

Fu Zhinian didnt look at her. He turned around and left.

"Fu Zhinian!"

Lin Wanwan wanted to chase him but the mobile in her pocket suddenly rang.

Once she picked up the call, Si Hans cold voice traveled over. "Where are you?"

Lin Wanwan felt a little guilty.

For the past few days, Si Han had been abroad visiting his parents, so she didnt tell him she was nearly imprisoned.


"Come over to the winery immediately!"

"Im busy"

"If I dont see you within half an hour, bear the consequences yourself. Oh right, remember to bring along a durian!"

Lin Wanwan looked at the hung-up call, her eyes in a daze.

She was done for. Si Dada wasnt planning for her to kneel on a durian and repent, right?

She paid for her coffee. Ignoring Xu Tian, who was holding his broken wrist and glaring fiercely at her, she left by car.

Fu Zhinian, who was hiding behind a tree, walked over. He looked at the shadow of the car in the distance and lowered his head with a complicated expression.

Even though he knew that she liked that person more, he couldnt help but want to pay attention to her.

He was strongly attached to that warmth that he had never felt before.

Fu Zhinian hailed a taxi and sat in the front passengers seat. He tilted his head and looked out. Various images flashed past his mind.

The driver asked, "Where would you like to go?"

"The Imperial Capital University," Fu Zhinian casually replied. It was unknown what he thought of, but his lips curved into a slight and gentle smile.

The absent-minded him didnt notice that a trace of dark light had flashed past the drivers eyes.

Soon after, someone patted Fu Zhinians shoulders.

There was a sharp needle pain at the spot he was patted on. This was enough to make him alert immediately.

He was tricked!

He turned his head and saw the drivers strange smile. He wanted to jump off the car, but it was already too late.

The strong dizziness swept over his brain. Fu Zhinians body softened, and he fainted in the seat.

The driver raised his hand. The silver needle between the gaps in his fingers was glistening. There was a strong drug on it. Once it came into contact with blood, the effect of the drug would be so strong that even an elephant could have fainted.

He started the car. After a half-hour drive, he stopped at an inconspicuous office building.

The driver carried Fu Zhinian upstairs. He knocked on the door of one of the rooms on the second floor.

"Come in."

The room was full of medical equipment. The snow-white walls coupled with the ice-cold lights created a scary atmosphere.

The driver placed Fu Zhinian on a recliner at a 45-degree angle.

The woman standing by the window turned around. Her beautiful face was slightly tender. It was Lin Wanxin.

She swept her eyes over the unconscious Fu Zhinian. She looked at the man with a cold expression who was wearing a white coat.

"We can begin."

The man nodded and took out the syringe that had been prepared earlier. The transparent liquid was slowly pushed into Fu Zhinians body.

Lin Wanxin turned on her mobile and played an unknown piece of light music.

She squatted and used a tone full of seductiveness and a tune of strong hinting to whisper in Fu Zhinians ears.

It was as if a magical sound filled his ears.

Even though Fu Zhinian was in a coma, he could not help but tighten his eyebrows.

"You can wake up now."


She snapped her fingers. Fu Zhinian, who was lying on the recliner, slowly opened his eyes. His clear eyes were unstable. He was like an ignorant cute little newborn puppy.