Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Fu Zhinians Crisis 2

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When he saw his surroundings clearly, he subconsciously curled his body up. "Who are you? Why have you kidnapped me?"

They had succeeded. This was the second personality.

Lin Wanxins cold expression turned soft and gentle. She gave a smile, as if she had magical powers to cure all the pain.

"Im here to help you."

With her warm smile, Fu Zhinian became slightly less guarded.

"Help me? No, youre a bad person!"

Lin Wanxin touched his head. Her tone was kind and carried with it a trace of pity.

"I understand your pain. Regardless of your birth, appearance, even death, you cant be the one making decisions. Youre just like a manipulated puppet, living for others. What belonged to you are all taken away by your other self. Are you willing to take this lying down?"

Her tone was rhythmic and formed a drumbeat in Fu Zhinians heart. He could not help but let his emotions follow the other party.

Fu Zhinian lowered his head. He had an expression of struggle on his face.

Hed always understood that he was the vulnerable side of the main personality. Once the main personality found the courage to face his feelings, he would completely disappear sooner or later

Sensing that he wavered, Lin Wanxin strengthened her hints. She found the one thing he was most concerned about in his heart and gave him a powerful jab.

"Think of Lin Wanwan. Dont you want to be with her forever? The person who has received her care and concern is you. That so-called main personality is just a shameless thief who took possession of everything you have. In the end, he still wants to destroy you. That isnt fair. You have to fight back!"

Fu Zhinians body trembled. A trace of dark light could be seen in his clear eyes.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Yes, this was unfair.

Wanwan liked him. "He" didnt have the right to snatch it away!

During this period, he had been trying to break through the cage set by "him" so that he could meet Wanwan.

However, "he" didnt allow it. It was obvious "he" was trying to make him disappear.

On what basis should he obediently obey when he needed him and disappear when he didnt?

Fu Zhinian clenched his fists and his expression gradually became firm. "What should I do?"

Lin Wanxins smile became deeper. "As long as you do me a favor, I can help you destroy that Fu Zhinian so that you can become a complete self and no longer subject yourself to any restraints."

The cute little puppy only hesitated for a while. " What kind of favor?"

Lin Wanxin handed him an ordinary-looking lollipop. "Let Lin Wanwan eat this."

His lost eyes recovered a trace of clearness. "Ill never do anything that harms Wanwan!"

Lin Wanxin gave an extremely sincere smile. Her right hand swayed gently, attracting Fu Zhinians attention.

"Youre mistaken. This is just a sweet that can make people fall asleep. For that person to completely disappear, we need Lin Wanwans help. I can swear in the name of God that I would never do anything to hurt her."

Fu Zhinian pursed his lips and fought an inner battle in his heart. Under Lin Wanxins expertise in hypnosis, he couldnt completely control his own thoughts.

Coupled with the strong desire in his heart, it was sufficient to make him nod in the end.

"I promise you. However, you must not harm Wanwan."

"No problem."

Lin Wanwan left the winery after suffering a three-hour lecture.

She pulled open the car door and that strong durian smell could still be detected.

Lin Wanwan wrinkled her nose in disdain and got on the car after the smell dissipated. When she thought of how the reason Si Han asked her to bring along a durian was to prank Ruan Baoer, she couldnt help but smile.

At the door of the production studio, Lin Wanwan saw from afar a man squatted next to the stone lion. When she saw the punk leather jacket on his body, she was slightly shocked.

Fu Zhinian!