Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 802

Chapter 802 You Dont Want Me Anymore?

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Lin Wanwan hit the brakes. She pushed open the car door and walked over. "Were you waiting for me?"

Fu Zhinian looked up. His clean, deer-like eyes looked fearful and a little confused.


"Xiao Niannian!"

Lin Wanwan curved her lips in happiness. She pulled him over. Without asking how he appeared, she grabbed his hand out of habit.

"Long time no see. Should I send you back to Yun Mansion first? Or do you want to wait for me to finish work and then we can head back together?"

The cute little puppy lowered his eyes. "Im hungry. Can you first accompany me to eat something?"

"Ok. I still have an hour before I start work. Theres no rush."

Lin Wanwan brought Fu Zhinian to a Western restaurant nearby and asked for a reserved room.

"Xiao Niannian, I remember you like to eat a medium-well steak and a seafood bisque. Is that correct?"

Fu Zhinians eyes shone. "So you still remember."

Lin Wanwan handed over the menu to the waiter. "I have to remember your preferences."

After all, he was his future brother-in-law.

Fu Zhinians eyes shone brighter. He looked at her intently, as if afraid she would disappear once he closed his eyes.

Lin Wanwan was amused by his nervous look. However, she felt a little sad. After all, this was the second personality. It would disappear sooner or later.

She found some interesting life stories and successfully made the cute little puppy smile more happily.


"What happened?"

The smile on the cute little puppys face froze slightly. "Are you happy to see me?"

"Of course. Im extremely happy."


A hint of struggle flashed past the cute little puppys eyes. He held back his words for a while. Then, he lowered his head and asked lightly, "Are you willing for me to accompany you forever?"

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. The knife and fork crossed the bottom of the plate, producing an ear-piercing screeching sound.

That moment, the atmosphere became suppressive.

After a long while, Lin Wanwan looked up and looked at him with a complicated expression.

Fu Zhinians heart tightened and he asked bitterly, "Youre unwilling?"

"No." Lin Wanwan shook her head and thought about it. "Regardless of whether its you or Fu Zhinian, I like you both. Theres no way to choose between you."

"But its destined that there can only be one of us between me and him!"

Seeing the shocked look on Lin Wanwans face, the cute little puppy realized he was too agitated. He rubbed his lips helplessly and gradually lowered his voice.

"Wanwan, I can feel that Im going to disappear. However, I dont want to leave. I cant bear for you I really cant bear for you"

Toward the end, he let out a small sob.

Lin Wanwans heart tightened. Without thinking, she held his hand. "I cant bear for you to leave as well."

"Then help me to stay forever, ok?"

"How do I help you?"

As she asked halfway, she suddenly reacted.

If the cute little puppy were to stay forever, the main personality would completely disappear.


Disappointment hit him. The cute little puppy changed his expression. His hands clenched his sleeves tightly.

"Between me and him, dont you like me more? Could it be that even you feel that the person who should disappear is me? You dont want me anymore?"

"Its not like this. I just"

Lin Wanwan didnt know what to say.

Although the second personality was an accessory of the main personality, he was also the subconscious. This was a difficult problem.

Lin Wanwan stood up and walked to his side. She grabbed his head.

"Sorry, I know youre feeling very pained and helpless, but I cant help you much. Ill bring you to the best psychiatrist. There must be a way to find the best of both worlds."