Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Dont Stop Her Dont Stop Her

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The cute little puppy smelled the fragrance of her body and didnt listen to the words she said.

Wanwans hug was really so warm.


He had to stay so that he could see her anytime, anywhere!

In an angle Lin Wanwan couldnt see, the cute little puppys expression became more determined. Coupled with that angular face, he displayed a little of the sharpness the main personality had.


Hearing that he agreed, Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ill send you back to Yun Mansion first."


In front of her, the cute little puppy was still as obedient as before.

Once Lin Wanwan thought of how she wouldnt see him again in the future, she felt terrible in her heart.

"Wanwan, dont be sad. Youll feel better after eating a sweet."

A lollipop lay flat on the cute little puppys palm.

Lin Wanwan smiled and said, "Im not a kid."

However, under his ardent gaze, she removed the lollipop wrapper.

She was about to suck on the sweet when the cute little puppy suddenly called her. "Wanwan!"

"What happened?"

Green veins appeared on the back of the cute little puppys tightly clenched fists. However, there was a voice in his heart that kept repeating, "Dont stop her dont stop her"

He squeezed out a smile. "Nothing. The lollipops very sweet. Eat it quickly."

Lin Wanwan said, as if teasing a child, "It cant be that you couldnt bear for me to eat, right? I wont return any sweets to you thats in my hands."

After saying this, she sucked on the lollipop.

"Indeed, its quite sweet. Ok, we should go."

Lin Wanwan sucked on the lollipop and looked at the wall clock. She reached out to grab her handbag but suddenly felt that her head had become heavy. All the strength in her body seemed to have been sucked away in an instant.

She knelt one knee on the ground uncontrollably. She turned her head with difficulty and looked at the cute little puppy in shock.

"You" Without finishing her words, she fell to the ground.


The cute little puppy felt immense fear. He became sober from the shock and was about to carry her up.

At this time, Lin Wanxins men, who saw this scene through the monitor, immediately broke in through the door. They snatched Lin Wanwan away from him and strode outside.

The cute little puppy felt anxious. He tried to snatch Lin Wanwan back.

"Where are you bringing her to? Let go of her!"

"Who are you to interfere?!" The burly man brought him to the ground with a punch.

The cute little puppy saw that he was walking away. He ignored the pain all over and hugged the mans leg immediately.

The man punched him again, and two streams of blood started to flow out from his nose.

He hugged him even tighter. "I wont let you hurt her"

"F*ck!" The man stared at his companions. "Why are you standing like a stone there? Help me!"

The other people swarmed forward and threw kicks and punches at the cute little puppy.

The fierce fists hit him hard. Every attack brought out excruciating pain.


He held on to the other partys leg tightly. However, his eyes were fixed on Lin Wanwan, who was over his shoulder.

The almost-weak teenager displayed strong stubbornness at this moment. Regardless of how the other party beat him, he didnt let go of his hand, even if he was already bruised and trembling all over.


Suddenly, a man picked up a vase and smashed it fiercely on the back of his head.

Blood gushed out immediately.

His body became weak yet he still didnt let go. The man became ruthless. He dug out the knife from his pockets and cruelly destroyed the tendons on all his ten fingers.

"Lets leave quickly. If we anger Sister Luo Bin, no one will lead a good life!"

A row of people carried Lin Wanwan and left quickly.


The cute little puppy struggled to lift up his bloody face and drag his body forward. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldnt catch up to the other party.