Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 804

Chapter 804 A Search In The Whole City

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Carrying regret, hatred, and despair, he fainted.

Not too long later, a bodyguard returned to the scene. He cleared the traces left in the reserved room and lifted him out. He casually dumped him by a bush at the roadside.

The director of "A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain" waited until evening but didnt manage to see Lin Wanwan.

In a fit of exasperation, he went to find Si Han.

Si Hans face changed drastically. He contacted Lu Zhanbei immediately.

"Is Lin Wanwan with you?"

"Isnt she at the production studio filming?"

Slam. Si Han hung up the call.

Lu Zhanbei realized that Lin Wanwan was in trouble as well. As he dialed her number, he raised his voice. "Gu Mo!"

Gu Mo, who was outside playing with his mobile, immediately entered. Seeing his sinister-looking face, he trembled in his heart.

"Sir, what happened?!"

Lu Zhanbei listened to the notification that the mobile had been switched off from the receiver. He tightened his grip on the mobile and forced himself to calm down.

"Get Jiushang to search the whole city for Lin Wanwan immediately!"

Ms. Lin had disappeared?

Gu Mo didnt dare to ask anything further. He responded and hurriedly left.

Half an hour later, Lu Zhanbei and Mo Jiushang met up at Yun Mansion.

Mo Jiushang saw anxiousness from his cold look and didnt beat around the bush.

"Lin Wanwan left the winery and bumped into Fu Zhinian at the door of the production studio. Both of them went to a Western restaurant nearby. I went to search in the restaurant but she was already gone. The surveillance camera didnt manage to capture the image of her leaving. The kidnapper was very cautious. He did his research beforehand and avoided the camera."

"Fu Zhinian?" Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Have you managed to find him?"

"My men are looking."

As his words fell, Gu Mo and Si Han walked in. Gu Mo was carrying a man with his face full of blood on his back.

"Sir, weve found Second Master!"

Lu Zhanbei saw Fu Zhinian, who was injured all over. He suppressed the anxiousness in his heart and shouted, "Get the doctor over immediately!"

Compared to finding a needle in a haystack, perhaps Fu Zhinian could provide some clues.

Once the doctor came out, Lu Zhanbei immediately asked, "How is he?"

"The situations not looking too good. Theres not much issues with his external injuries. However, his head injury is likely to cause a concussion. The tendons on all his fingers are destroyed. He needs to undergo surgery immediately. If he doesnt, they would leave behind lifelong disabilities!"

Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows and was about to order people to send Fu Zhinian over to the military hospital.

At this moment, a weak voice traveled from the medical room. "Where is this?"

Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and walked in.

Fu Zhinian stared at his hands wrapped in gauze and looked confused.

Hearing the footsteps, he subconsciously turned his head. His look turned cold. His sorry state couldnt hide the coldness that radiated from his body.

"Lu Zhanbei, why am I here?"

Obviously, this was the main personality.

Lu Zhanbei didnt answer him. Instead, he asked, "Do you still remember what happened before you fainted?"

Fu Zhinian was about to recall when a needle-like pain took over his brain. He subconsciously covered his head.

Upon seeing this, the doctor hurriedly reminded him, "He has a serious brain injury and needs to rest."

Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes. "Send him to the military doctor."

He turned around and left. Fu Zhinians question sounded behind him.

"You saved me?"


A trace of complicatedness flashed past Fu Zhinians eyes. "I will return this favor."

"If you really feel you owe me, try your best to remember what happened before you fainted."

Seeing that he was so persistent on this point, Fu Zhinian tried his best to recall despite the sharp pain.

"I remember I got on a taxi. Then, I was plotted against."