Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Before I Die She Would Definitely Still Be Alive

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"What happened after?"

Fu Zhinian was stunned. He racked his brains but couldnt recollect the memories of what came after.


Lu Zhanbeis eyes darkened and he didnt continue the conversation. "Rest well."

It looked like it was the second personality who had stayed in the room with Lin Wanwan. Perhaps Fu Zhinian had lost that memory as his head was injured.

Once Lu Zhanbei reached the living room, Si Han immediately went up to him. "How is it?"

He shook his head.

Si Han sat down slowly on the sofa. The hands that had been rested on his knees covered the gloomy expression on his face.

Lu Zhanbei said, "I was too conceited."

He always felt that the Imperial Capital was his territory. Under his control, even if there was a fish who slipped through the net, he would have enough ability to protect Lin Wanwan. He neglected the fact that everything was not absolute.

At this moment, Gu Mo hurried in.

"Sir, Mo Jiushang and I have searched the three routes of land, sea, and air to enter the Imperial Capital. We didnt find any clues."

"Continue searching."


"Wait." Lu Zhanbei stopped him again. "Go somewhere with me."

Si Han looked at him. "You know who kidnapped Lin Wanwan?"

"Lets talk while walking."

The biggest suspect right now was that Qi Junze.

Tang Chen and Qi Junze had been working together for a long time. He must know his hiding place.

Back to a few hours ago when Lu Zhanbei didnt know that Lin Wanwan had gone missing, Tang Chen had received Qi Junzes call.

"Surnamed Qi, you still have the cheek to contact me."

Qi Junze could sense danger from his sinister tone and smiled lightly. "Tangtang, Lin Wanwan is in my hands."

Tang Chen squeezed the goblet in his hands until it broke. His eyes were covered with a layer of haze. "Where are you right now?"

Qi Junze reported an address. "You know what Im capable of. I allow only you to come. Do not reveal this address to anyone else. If not, I cant guarantee what kind of treatment Lin Wanwan will receive. After all, most of my underlings are men."

The meaning of the threat was clear.

There was a sharp sword-like glow in Tang Chens eyes.

Lin Wanwan wasnt only Lu Zhanbeis soft spot. She was his too.

After hanging up the call, Tang Chen ordered Tang Qiang, "Prepare a plane for me secretly. Im leaving the country."

He couldnt and didnt dare to use Lin Wanwan as a bet.

Tang Chen left Xia country immediately.

In order to lower Qi Junzes guard and guarantee Lin Wanwans safety, Tang Chen hid his tracks well by making several transfers midway.

As such, when Lu Zhanbei rushed over and learned that he had already left, even if he went to check on it immediately, he couldnt find his final destination.

However, this also proved that the person who kidnapped Lin Wanwan was indeed Qi Junze.

Lu Zhanbeis expression was scarily calm. Anyone could feel the hidden murderous intent in his bones.

He looked at Si Han. "At the very least, Lin Wanwans life isnt in danger."

Si Han took a deep breath. "Why are you so certain?"

"Qi Junzes target is me. Before I die, she would definitely still be alive."

However, being alive didnt mean that she wouldnt be in trouble.

Si Han punched the wall hard. Messy strands of black hair were stuck to his slightly damp forehead.

"Im going to find her!"

Even if it was akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, he was going to find her.

Lu Zhanbei didnt stop him. He got on the car and returned to Yun Mansion.

As he entered the living room, Gu Mo walked over with a box in his hands.

"Sir, there was a deliveryman who sent this over just now. He mentioned that its for you. I suspect its related to Ms. Lins kidnapper."

An ordinary person wouldnt know the address of Yun Mansion and Sirs real name.