Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Sensing Danger

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"Hes our prisoner now. Do we have to be so careful?"

"Fool. Who do you think Lu Zhanbei is? Nobody knows what he has hidden behind the scenes!"


Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes to rest. After traveling on the bumpy mountain road for two hours, he arrived at a private airport.

A few people cautiously took Lu Zhanbei up a plane. This plane would head to Qi Junzes base camp directly.

To be on the safe side, they used an instrument to scan Lu Zhanbeis body. After confirming that he had nothing, they relaxed.

As the hatch was about to close, Lu Zhanbei gazed deeply at that abandoned van.

As long as Gu Mo finds this, he could find him via the flight information on the route.

This was the only flaw.

Gu Mo didnt know that Lu Zhanbei had placed such high hopes on himself.

As he stayed alert in Yun Mansion, he waited for news.

However, Lu Zhanbei didnt return even after the sky had turned dark.

He was feeling anxious when Shen Zhiyi and Ruan Baoer arrived.

Ruan Baoer asked hurriedly, "I heard from Si Han that Sister Ball has been kidnapped. Whats the situation now?"

Gu Mo repeated what happened to them succinctly.

Hearing that Lu Zhanbei was already on the way to save Lin Wanwan, Ruan Baoer heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Shen Zhiyi sensed that something was amiss. How was it possible to find a needle in a haystack within a short period of time?

Unless Lu Zhanbei was threatened by Qi Junze and chose to walk straight into his trap!

After Shen Zhiyi didnt manage to have the call connect to Lu Zhanbei, she immediately got Gu Mo to contact Mo Jiushang and ask about the situation.

However, Mo Jiushangs answer made him stand rooted to the ground.

"He never asked me to coordinate with him on anything."

Everyone understood it now.

"Lu Zhanbei, this a*shole!" Shen Zhiyi squeezed her eyebrows tighter.

The situation was chaotic enough and he had to add fuel to the flames.

Once he was captured, Wanwan the bait would become a sacrificial piece and they would be in greater danger.

Shen Zhiyi didnt believe that Lu Zhanbei didnt understand that. She could only say that he cared about Lin Wanwan too much and was worried that if he didnt follow suit, Qi Junze would be angered.

"Ill go and find Sir now!" Gu Mo hated himself to death for actually not stopping Lu Zhanbei before. He rushed out.

"Gu Mo, stop panicking first. We dont even know where he is now. How do we find him?"

Shen Zhiyi forced herself to calm down.

"Where was the last place Zhanbei stayed before he left?"

"Study room!"

Upon hearing this, Shen Zhiyi immediately rushed upstairs.

Lu Zhanbei wasnt a fool who was brave but lacked wisdom and tact. Even if he were to walk straight into a trap, he should have left some information behind.

Very quickly, Shen Zhiyi found the second card left behind by Lu Zhanbei on the study table. There was an address on it.

Gu Mo immediately prepared to bring over some men but was stopped by Shen Zhiyi.

"Its not that simple. Zhanbei must have been transferred around."

"Then what should we do?"

"Continue searching."

Not too long later, Shen Zhiyi, whod rummaged through the drawers, found a signal receiver. A hint of joy flashed past her face.

This was it!

"How do we use this?"

"Let me try."

Mo Jiushang, who rushed over, was being his usual lazy self. He opened the laptop on the table and linked it to the receiver.

As his hands leaped fast, a topographic map appeared quickly on the screen. There was a glowing red dot on the map.

Shen Zhiyi leaned over and recognized it. "This seems to be a private airport in Donghai City."

Lu Zhanbei must have secretly hidden this location device when he was being brought up the car.