Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Let Her Go 1

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Mo Jiushang closed the laptop and rubbed his eyes. He seemed to be trying hard to make himself focus.

Without his usual laziness, he looked calm and people could not help but develop trust in him.

"Gu Mo, go and check the flight information on this airline. Ill deploy people. Well split ways and set off in an hour."

"No problem!"

Gu Mo was about to leave when he was stopped by Shen Zhiyi again.

"If our movements are too big, that Qi Junze would definitely sense it. He might even take desperate measures if pushed over the wall."

Gu Mos heart tightened. "But if we take it slow, there would be delays. Sirs and Ms. Lins lives would similarly be in danger."

Shen Zhiyi frowned.

Just as the other people were feeling troubled, Ruan Baoer suddenly slapped her forehead.

"Your people are in the country. If your movements are too big, Qi Junze would indeed be alerted. However, my Ruan family is different. I can get the Ruan family to send some people to save Sister Ball!"

Shen Zhiyis eyes shone. "Well do that. Mo Jiushang, you and Baoer will make the arrangements together. Ill go with Gu Mo to check the flight information."


The four of them split ways and got down to action.

Although Ruan Baoer was the daughter of the Ruan family, she didnt have much confidence to convince her father to take action.

She thought for a while, then looked at Mo Jiushang, who was driving next to her. "If I cant convince my father later, you can pretend to kidnap me and threaten him to save them. Remember to act more surreal."

Mo Jiushang looked at her, then grabbed her slender neck.

"Like this?"

"" Ruan Baoer, who was already rolling her eyes, heard the footsteps of death.

Just when she thought she was about to be strangled to death by this a*shole, Mo Jiushang released his hold.

"Youre too weak."

He thought of the time when he had accepted a female disciple. She could withstand beatings and was physically stronger than her. She was completely qualified to be a "sandbag."

Ruan Baoer wiped away the tears from suffocation and glared at him fiercely.

"Be gentler later!"

Seeing that it was a red light, Mo Jiushang closed his eyes to rest for a while. Without that pair of frightful eyes, his handsome face was indifferent and harmless.

"Women are trouble."

On an unnamed island in the Atlantic ocean, despite how the area wasnt big, there was a guard post arranged at intervals. Bodyguards with loaded guns were patrolling back and forth.

Following the sound of propellers moving, a helicopter left a beautiful trace behind on the blue sky and finally stopped at the tarmac.

Qi Junze, who was standing by the window curtains, saw this scene and his lips curved up slightly.

He already smelled victory. He put down the wine glass in his hand and walked out of the villa slowly.

Tang Chen got down the ramp. He saw Qi Junze smiling on the lawn at once and his hands felt itchy.

He walked over step by step and stood in front of Qi Junze, squinting his peach-shaped eyes slightly.

He waved his hands fiercely into a punch!

Qi Junze, who was long prepared, avoided it quickly. He laughed lightly. "I knew you would do this."

Tang Chens lips curved into a cold smile. "Wheres Lin Wanwan?"

Upon hearing that the first words he said were her name, Qi Junzes face sank. "Come with me."

Both of them headed to the factory behind the villa. They pushed open the secret door and saw a control room inside.

The front wall was inlaid with an extremely big LCD screen. The screen was divided into neat little squares.

Each square presented a different view, and they were connected to various monitoring points on the island.

Qi Junze took out a remote control and pressed a button.

The square in the middle enlarged and immediately occupied the entire screen.

Lin Wanwan was locked in a room. She was curled up in the corner and seemed to be in deep sleep.