Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 81

Chapter 81 I'm All Out Of Love

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“Lu Zhanbei, you don’t mind sending me back to the production team of ‘The Palace,’ right?”

The man in the car was resting with his eyes closed. “If I say I mind, would you get off?”

“Of course not.”

Lu Zhanbei scoffed lightly and knocked on the partition. “Start driving.”

The driver responded and started the engine.

Lin Wanwan gave Lu Zhanbei a side glance. Seeing that his expression was more indifferent than usual, she initiated the conversation. “Why are you here? Are you the sponsor for this movie?”

Lu Zhanbei was silent for a moment, then responded with a “yeah.”

To put it bluntly, he was only here to see who was the candidate taking over Lin Xiao and whether she was qualified enough to play the role she loved.


Lin Wanwan wanted to ask him why he lost control just now, but she gave up this intention after thinking for a while.

She was not expecting that after she decided to stop asking, Lu Zhanbei would take the initiative to ask her instead, “Why do you want to play this role?”

Lin Wanwan scratched her chin. “Do you want to hear the truth or some nonsense?”

“The truth.”

“The truth is that I like Jin Yanran.” After all, she created this role together with Tan Zhiyue.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have smiled a little but also seemed not to.

Lin Wanwan thought that he was a little strange today and decided to size him up carefully.

This man had the advantage of a handsome look, with exquisite facial features, upright nose bridge, and thin lips. He could definitely seduce others with his cold look.

However, that pair of phoenix-shaped eyes was beautiful, narrow and long. They showcased a perfect smile, such that once someone looks at them, there will be a sense of danger, of falling into an abyss, beyond redemption.

Indeed, a sense of enduring the hardship gladly.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Zhanbei asked rather abruptly.

Lin Wanwan held her chest and looked sad. “I’m all out of love.”

If Lu Zhanbei did not already have someone he fancied, she felt that she would definitely not let a man of such high caliber go, even if he was just going to be by her side for her to look at every day.

Lin Wanwan nestled herself lazily on the seat and sensed that Lu Zhanbei kept sweeping his eyes over her.

“And what areyoulooking at?”

“I just didn’t expect that you’d have such superb acting skills.”

Lin Wanwan was delighted. “I’m going to become an internationally famous actress, after all.”

Lu Zhanbei smiled lightly. “Go for it.”

“Thank you.”

After reaching the studio of ‘The Palace,’ Lin Wanwan alighted from the car. After walking for a few steps, Lu Zhanbei called to her.

“Lin Wanwan.”


Under the sunlight, the girl’s smile was extremely bright. Lu Zhanbei rubbed the corner of his lips. “Don’t forget, I still owe you a right of help.”

Lin Wanwan thought that he was urging her to use it quickly, and her face fell. “I know, but I will not use it, so drop that idea!”

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. “I’ll wait for you to look for me.”

After saying this, he lowered the car window.

As Lin Wanwan gradually walked further away, the curvature of Lu Zhanbei’s lips fell a little.

Tan Zhiyue was right. Lin Wanwan was not like her, but she was also the most like her.

Two years ago, he almost had a showdown with her. Similarly, he had almost saved her.

He did not manage to protect Lin Xiao well; thus, he could only try to preserve every trace she left in this world.

On Sunday night, Lin Wanwan returned to the student hostel and went to bed early.

As she was staying there alone, there was no one to help mind her. She woke up a little late the next day and missed the breakfast in the cafeteria. She had no choice but to go to her self-revision classes hungry.

When she hurried to the classroom with a stack of books, she accidentally knocked into someone, and the books in her arms scattered to the ground.