Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Tell Me What Did You Put In The Wine?

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He smashed the remote control in his hand to pieces.

If he didnt care about Tang Chen, he could completely kill him or agree to that proposal.

However, he didnt want just these material possessions. He also wanted Tang Chen to willingly stay by his side!

At this moment, a phone call sounded.

Qi Junze took a deep breath and picked up his mobile. "Luo Bin, is anything the matter?"

Lin Wanxins voice traveled over. "Lu Zhanbei will arrive in approximately three hours."

Qi Junze wasnt in a good mood and simply responded with a sound.

Sensing his abnormality, Lin Wanxin asked, "If theres anything troubling you, Luo Bin will gladly serve you."

Qi Junze pinched his eyebrows in irritation. He told her what was troubling him simply but changed the reason of hoping Tang Chen would stay by his side to not wanting to lose Tang Chens help as he was extremely capable.

"You hope that Tang Chen will drop the idea about Lin Wanwan?"


"I have an idea that we can try."

"Tell me."

"Men have a lot of deep-rooted bad habits. What they couldnt get would always be the best. As time passes, this would form a thought. Perhaps when Tang Chen has obtained Lin Wanwan, he would think that shes just a nobody."

"No!" Qi Junze disapproved. "I wont allow Tang Chen to touch Lin Wanwan!"

After roaring, he realized that he was too agitated and hurriedly disguised it by saying, "If your idea doesnt work and Tang Chen ends up liking Lin Wanwan even more, isnt that counterproductive?"

"This is just a suggestion. Its up to you to use it or not. However, even if it fails, we dont have much to lose, do we? Furthermore, we can use this incident to agitate Lu Zhanbei and let him appreciate his beloved woman being intimate with other men."

Qi Junze had to admit that she was right.

It was just that

He was unwilling to personally send Tang Chen to bed with Lin Wanwan.

"Ill consider it."

After hanging up the call, he crossed his arms and didnt speak for a long time.

Based on Tang Chens character, if he couldnt drop the idea, he would rather be in a life-and-death struggle than to stay.

Furthermore, he could use this point to agitate Lu Zhanbei. This was too big a temptation for him.

Why not give it a try?

No one could see the deep struggle beneath Qi Junzes calm appearance. After a long while, he held his forehead with one hand.

"Tangtang, I was forced to do so."

Sooner or later, Tang Chens heart and body would only belong to him alone!

Three hours later, a second airplane arrived on the tarmac.

Lu Zhanbei was finally here.

When he heard his men reporting, a trace of excitement flashed past Qi Junzes face. He stood up and went to the villa in front of the factory.

He knocked on the door thrice. "Tangtang, its me."

Tang Chen pulled open the door. His eyes didnt carry any sleepiness. The cigarette butt that was thrown to the ground also showed that he hadnt been resting.

"Have you finished considering it?"

"Lets talk after Im inside."

Qi Junze took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet. When he was pouring the wine, he threw a white pill into one of the wine glasses. Then, he turned around as if nothing happened.

"Lu Zhanbeis here. We are about to win soon. We must celebrate."

He handed over the glass of wine that had extra ingredients.

Tang Chen didnt receive it. "This is your victory, not mine."

"I just want to share with you the joy of victory."

"Qi Junze, stop your act of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Tell me, what did you put in the wine?"

Qi Junze tightened his grip on the wine glass. "Poison."

It was unclear what type of psychological state he was in when he said, "After you drink it, Ill send you to Lin Wanwans room. You"