Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 811

Chapter 811 I Wish You A Happy Death

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He hadnt yet finished speaking when Tang Chen reached out and took away the wine glass in his hand.

"You should have just said so earlier."

After saying this, he finished the red wine in one go without any hesitation.

A trace of scarlet red flashed past Qi Junzes eyes. As he was angry, his fists produced creaking sounds.

See. It was that simple.

Just like how hed captured Lin Wanwan so that he could threaten Lu Zhanbei, it was the same for Tang Chen.

How unique was Lin Wanwan for him to be like this?

Tang Chen casually threw the empty glass to the side. "Im done. Bring me to see Lin Wanwan."

Qi Junze waved his hands to call for a bodyguard. He didnt look at Tang Chen as he was afraid he would not be able to control his remorse.

"Hell bring you to see Lin Wanwan. I wont go along. Mr. Lu has arrived. I have to welcome him personally."

"I wish you a happy death." Tang Chen laughed coldly and left together with the bodyguard.

There were many times Qi Junze wanted to stop him, but he held himself back.

As he waited for Lu Zhanbei to be sent over, he focused on the screen to distract himself.

In the image, two bodyguards entered the room. They easily injected a tube of medicine into Lin Wanwan, who was still weak all over due to the effects of the drug.

This medicine had stronger effects than the pill Tang Chen consumed.

Qi Junzes lips curved into a sneer. The show was about to begin.

At this moment, the door was pushed open.

Qi Junze tilted his head and saw Lu Zhanbei, who walked in first.

Even though he was handcuffed, he didnt look like he was a prisoner in a sorry state. Instead, he was like a guest as he walked over leisurely and sat on the sofa.

"Qi Junze, long time no see."

"Indeed, long time no see," Qi Junze said sarcastically. "Mr. Lu is finally willing to look me in the eye?"

He still remembered with hatred Lu Zhanbeis supercilious attitude during the bid back then.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. "If you dont like it, I can refrain from looking at you. I feel disgusted looking at your face as well."

After saying this, he really closed his eyes.

Qi Junzes face sank at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He couldnt find any joy of victory from Lu Zhanbei.

"It looks like Mr. Lu doesnt care about Lin Wanwans life and death at all."

Qi Junze was satisfied as he watched Lu Zhanbei open his eyes again. He curved his lips and smiled.

"I really didnt expect that a man who had established a business empire on his own and a victorious person who had made me lose two times in a row would actually be so immersed in love. Lu Zhanbei, should I praise you for being righteous or mock you for being a good man caught in difficult circumstances?"

Lu Zhanbei wasnt annoyed. His good-looking phoenixes were indifferent. "Whatever you say. You should fulfill your promise and bring me to see Lin Wanwan immediately."

"Theres no rush." Qi Junze smiled strangely. "I would like to invite Mr. Lu to enjoy a good show first."

Lu Zhanbei was already a fish on a cutting board now at his mercy.

However, compared to killing it directly, he would much rather play with this fish slowly.

Qi Junze looked up and at the screen. He said playfully, "Its about to begin."

Lu Zhanbei looked up as well. He saw Lin Wanwan on the screen.

The door was pushed open once again. Shortly after Tang Chen walked in, the door was locked from the outside.

Lin Wanwan saw Tang Chen and was shocked. "You were captured too?"

Tang Chen helped her untie the ropes. Seeing that she wasnt hurt, he was no longer worried. He sat down next to her and bent his long legs.

"As your second boyfriend, I should share weal and woe with you. Arent you touched?"