Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 812

Chapter 812 The Drug Had Kicked In

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Lin Wanwan ignored his teasing. "Was the person who captured me Pervert Qi?"

She wanted to confirm if she had guessed correctly.

Tang Chen agreed with her description of Qi Junze. "Indeed, hes a pervert."

Lin Wanwan rolled up her right sleeve and stared at the small pinhole on the central blood vessel of her elbow. Her heart sank.

Tang Chen saw the pinhole and his face changed. "Qi Junze injected a drug into you?"

"Yes. I dont know what Im injected with."

Drug? Poison?

Tang Chens eyes flashed and he suddenly sucked in a cold breath of air.

When he thought of that glass of wine he had drunk previously and being locked up with Lin Wanwan now

He guessed he knew what Qi Junzes intentions were.

It was impossible for Lu Zhanbei not to think of what Tang Chen could think of.

Qi Junze noticed Lu Zhanbeis tight expression and smiled.

"It looks like Mr. Lu has already guessed what this performance is about. Theres still ten minutes before the drug takes effect. Itll be very exciting soon. It will not disappoint you."

Lu Zhanbei didnt reply and just quietly looked at the screen.

Lin Wanwan felt bored and started to chat with Tang Chen.

"That drug is too formidable. I still dont have much strength in my body. Even if I escape, I wont be able to run far."

"You cant escape."

Lin Wanwan also knew that it was impossible for her to escape by herself. She sighed lightly. "I can only hope that Lu Zhanbei finds me soon. Im to blame for being too careless. He must be worried about me now."

Toward the end, her tone was full of annoyance.

Tang Chen didnt tell her that Lu Zhanbei had already walked into a trap and was here. He might even be witnessing this scene right now.

Thinking of Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan became more bad-tempered and she started to curse, "This damned pervert Qi Junze. A thief who only knows how to make use of others and dare not fight with Lu Zhanbei head-on. You only know how to make use of women and children. What a useless good-for-nothing!"

It must be him who had confused the cute little puppy. If not, he wouldnt have done such a thing.

Tang Chen clapped his hands and praised her, "Thats a good scolding."

Lu Zhanbei looked at Qi Junze, whose face had sunk. His lips curved into a self-mocking smile. "Plus one."

Qi Junze held back the urge to hack Lin Wanwan to death. He half-smiled and looked at him. "Ill give Mr. Lu some valuable advice. A prisoner who dares to be arrogant on someone elses turf tends to have a pitiful death."

Lu Zhanbei sneered and raised his eyebrows. "If you have the guts, come at me."

He understood Qi Junzes mentality clearly. If he hadnt had enough of playing around, he wouldnt let him die yet.

Qi Junze suppressed the anger in him and gave up arguing with him. He regained his courteous and modest gentlemanly look.

"Lets just watch the show quietly. It will be a passionate show starring Mr. Lus girlfriend herself!"

These words were full of malicious intent.

The on-screen Lin Wanwan suddenly swallowed her saliva, and her eyes gradually turned confused.

The drug had kicked in!

"Tang Chen, I feel a little hot. Stay away from me."

Lin Wanwan didnt know why but she suddenly felt that the fragrance on Tang Chens body was particularly good. She had the urge to go into his arms and smell him to her fill.

Tang Chen looked at her complicatedly and stepped to the side.

Lin Wanwan was still feeling hot. She removed her jacket and revealed a tight-fitting T-shirt, displaying her exquisite figure to the fullest.

Slender neck, beautiful collarbone, prominent chest they radiated deadly seductiveness.

Once Tang Chen swept his gaze over, his abdomen felt hot.