Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Whether I Can Walk Out Of Here Alive Or Not You Will Die Without A Burial Place

Chapter 813: Whether I Can Walk Out of Here Alive or Not, You Will Die Without a Burial Place!
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Lin Wanwan gradually realized that something was amiss. She curled up in a corner, her cheeks stained with an intoxicating red.

"Qi Junze seemed to have injected me with that kind of drug."

Tang Chens dark eyes kept moving about on her body. His hoarse voice was full of forbearance. "I dont mind being your antidote."


Lin Wanwan rejected him without thinking and looked alert.

"If you dare take advantage of my perilous state, Ill never forgive you in this lifetime!"

Tang Chen shrugged his shoulders and tried to restrain that burning flame of passion. "When you cant hold back anymore, Im always here to help."

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything else and concentrated on resisting the effects of the drug.

She gritted her teeth and felt her rationale disappearing quickly. She bit the tip of her tongue fiercely and forced herself to stay awake.

However, within half a minute, she fell into the whirlpool of desire once again.

The effects of the drug were far more powerful than what she had imagined. They couldnt be resisted by willpower alone!

What should she do

Lin Wanwan had never felt so desperate before.

Death wasnt the scariest. She would just be reluctant to part with Lu Zhanbei. At the very worse, she could reincarnate again eighteen years later.

What she was more afraid of was leading a humiliating life.

Under the effects of the drug, it was as if Lin Wanwan had lost control of her body. She climbed up fiercely, her agile eyes covered with a layer of mist.

She followed the smell of male hormones and instinctively walked toward Tang Chen.

Tang Chen opened his arms. His peach-shaped eyes were burning with the same desire.

Although he didnt want to obtain Lin Wanwan via such a method, he understood clearly that his resistance was in vain.

He desired her until his heart ached. He didnt have a reason to reject her, right?

Qi Junze, who witnessed this scene via the surveillance camera, felt his heart turn sour. He suppressed the urge to rush over and split the two of them apart. He turned and looked at Lu Zhanbei.

Seeing that his look was calm, as if this matter didnt concern him, he could only take it that he was pretending.

Thinking that Lu Zhanbei was feeling ten times, perhaps even a hundred times, more in pain than himself right now, Qi Junze felt his jealousy gradually be replaced by happiness.

"Mr. Lu, how do you feel now?"

Lu Zhanbeis finger moved. Although his eyes hurt from the images on the screen, his heart felt miraculously calm.

As long as she was alive, the rest wasnt important.

Just when Lin Wanwan was about to jump in to Tang Chens embrace, she suddenly changed direction and rushed forward.


She knocked her head against the wall. Then, she fell limp to the ground.

Blood appeared on the snow-white wall.

"Lin Wanwan!"

It was not only Tang Chens face that changed as he immediately rushed to Lin Wanwan. Lu Zhanbei, who was in front of the screen, also stood up immediately. He wanted to rush outside, but a black muzzle was pointed at his temple.

Qi Junze smiled smugly. "The show has yet to end. Where does Mr. Lu want to go?"

Lu Zhanbei turned around and the two of them looked at each other. Qi Junze actually couldnt help but tremble.

What kind of gaze was that

The whites of his eyes were frighteningly bloodshot, as if he was a wild beast.

It was as if someone from Hades had landed on earth. It was that same strong murderous intent and violent temperament.

Even if Qi Junze was a veteran in battles, his heart still felt numb.

After a long while, Lu Zhanbei said word by word, "Remember this. Whether I can walk out of here alive or not, you will die without a burial place!"

Qi Junze actually subconsciously took a step back.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei stumbled on his footsteps and grabbed his abdomen with his right hand.


He felt blood surging up. Even though he had already tried his best to tolerate it, he still spat out a small mouthful of blood.