Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Havent You Always Wanted Me?

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The moment he spat blood, Qi Junze was so agitated that his right hand started to tremble.

Lu Zhanbei had really drunk that drug. If that was the case, his death was inevitable.

He could torture Lu Zhanbei well before he died!

Qi Junze remembered how he had actually revealed fear in front of him and could not help but fly into a rage out of humiliation. "You still dare to speak so carelessly when youre about to die. Dont worry. After we appreciate this show, Ill personally entertain you!"

Lu Zhanbei suppressed the murderous intent in his heart and continued to watch expressionlessly.

Now, all he could do was to wait for help.

On the screen, Tang Chen hugged Lin Wanwan.

"Dont touch me!"

Even though her face was full of blood and she felt giddy, Lin Wanwan still pushed away Tang Chen fiercely. She quickly climbed to the corner and hugged her knees with both arms.

"Tang Chen, I forbid you to touch me. Forbid"

She would rather self-mutilate and keep her rationale than to have sex with him!

Tang Chen curved his lips. The evilness was gone and it mostly showed bitterness and heartache.

"Lin Wanwan, if you dare hurt yourself again, Ill force myself on you!"

Lin Wanwan buried her head in her knees and her body trembled.

It was tough for her to endure. Tang Chen similarly didnt feel good. However, his willpower was much stronger than Lin Wanwans.

Finally, when Lin Wanwan was about to succumb again, she stood up and stared fixedly at the wall.

Lu Zhanbei clenched his fists. She was holding on for her life because of him.

Silly woman. Compared to her life, that layer of film was nothing.

Tang Chen immediately rushed over to hug her. "Lin Wanwan, try moving again if you dare!"

"Let go of me"

Lin Wanwan struggled weakly. She didnt know if the effects of the medicine were too strong or if the impact from the knock just now had caused her a concussion.

The images before her eyes shook, then double images appeared.

In the end, she realized that the person hugging her was actually Lu Zhanbei?

"Lu Zhanbei, thats great. Youre finally here"

She sobbed, and the last bit of rationale she was maintaining collapsed. She wrapped her arms around his neck without any scruples.

"Help me" As she said this, she looked up and kissed him.

Unexpectedly, Tang Chen actually avoided her.

Lin Wanwan looked puzzled. "Havent you always wanted me?"

As she said this, she pulled her T-shirt up. Following the sound of a tear, the collar was torn open and a large piece of white was revealed on her chest. The black lace and faintly visible curves captured Tang Chens attention at once.

He took a deep breath and the forcibly-locked-up beast in him burst out. He pinned Lin Wanwan directly against the wall.

"Were finally starting the important segment."

Qi Junze, who was in front of the screen, shifted his gaze. As he was in a terrible mood, he couldnt wait to see others in pain.

"Lu Zhanbei, to see your woman kicking up a storm with another man with your own eyes, you must not be feeling very good."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes were deep. "Why dont we place a bet?"

Upon hearing this, Qi Junze was stunned. Then, he let out mad laughter. "Lu Zhanbei, how qualified are you to bet with me right now?"

His tone was mixed with banter, but more of it was sarcasm.

"If I lose, Ill naturally pay a price that youre satisfied with."

Qi Junze squinted his eyes. "What do you want to bet on?"

"Bet on whether or not Tang Chen and Lin Wanwan will ultimately proceed to the last stage and have sex."

Qi Junze raised his eyebrows. "You think they wouldnt?"


"Then its inevitable youll lose!"

"So, you are willing to place a bet."

A trace of light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes.