Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 816

Chapter 816 It Looks Like Your Face Isnt Pained Enough

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"Qi Junze, this game should end now."

Qi Junze, who was in front of the screen, looked ruthless. He had underestimated the extent Tang Chen cared for Lin Wanwan.

"Youve lost."

Qi Junze turned his head rapidly and met Lu Zhanbeis phoenixes, which seemed to say that everything was in his control.

Such a look reminded him of his two previous defeats, and his expression became worse.

"No, I havent lost."

His lips curved into a strange and ferocious smile. He waved his hand for a bodyguard.

"Tang Chens right. Theres no point to continue this game. If they dont vent it for a long period of time, their bodies would be hurt. I cant bear for him to be hurt. As for Lin Wanwan I dont mind being charitable and letting her receive relief!"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes sank. "It seems like you would like to go back on your words."

Qi Junze laughed coldly. "Lu Zhanbei, you never believed in my promise, surely?"

He pointed to that bodyguard, his face bearing bad intentions.

"Go and gather everyone on the island whos free right now. As a reward for your hard work, Ill reward Mr. Lus woman to all of you. Enjoy her to your fullest."

After pausing for a while, he looked at Lu Zhanbei. "If Mr. Lu is interested as well, you may wish to join."

"Yes!" the bodyguard responded and was about to retreat.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei stood up and walked to him step by step. There wasnt any temperature in his cold eyes. He was like a blood-sucking demon.

"Do you know what the consequences are for completely angering me?"

Qi Junze inexplicably felt a shudder on his back. He said with disdain, "Lu Zhanbei, do you think Im a little girl whom you can scare anytime? Its hard for you to even protect yourself. You still dare to threaten me?"

"Are you sure youve already won?"

Qi Junze frowned. "What do you mean?"

"You understand my abilities very well. During the bid, you similarly put on such a face. In the end? It looks like your face isnt feeling pained enough."

Lu Zhanbei just stood there simply. It induced immense pressure, and every word he said was hitting Qi Junzes sore spot.

Of course he didnt forget!

Both times they compared skills, he had thought victory was in his hands. In the end, he was counterattacked.

"You dont have to scare me."

He dug out the gun under his arm and pointed the muzzle at Lu Zhanbeis temple. He didnt conceal his intention to murder him.

"I dont care what you have hidden behind the scenes. As long as you die under my gun now, victory is mine!"

Clink. He unlocked the guns safety catch.

Facing the imminent crisis of a headshot, Lu Zhanbei half-laughed. "Even if I die, you still wont emerge victorious. At the very most, well die together."

Qi Junze stopped his actions, his determination wavering.

It wasnt easy for him to reach this stage. His wild ambition had not been fully realized, and he hadnt revealed to Tang Chen his feelings for him yet

Of course he couldnt die!

The atmosphere in the house was tense. Fire battles could ignite anytime.

Lu Zhanbei looked calm, but he was actually feeling a little heavy in his heart.

Such a method couldnt buy much time.

After a period of long silence, Qi Junze, who was unwilling to be led by Lu Zhanbei, made up his mind. "You wont live for much longer anyway. I wont kill you right now. Neither will I kill Lin Wanwan. However, I wont let her be alive happily."

He threw a look to that bodyguard. "As long as Lin Wanwans still breathing, you can do whatever you like to her!"

As long as Lin Wanwan wasnt dead, Lu Zhanbei was like an ant on his palm completely at his mercy.